Letters to the editor - Nov. 22, 2011

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To the Editor,
I am writing to clarify the article “Hospice needs new volunteers” that appeared in your Nov. 15 edition. The article did not reference which hospice organization is seeking these volunteers. This was not Hospice of Chesterfield County.
There are now more than 20 for-profit companies licensed to provide hospice services in Chesterfield County. It is important for everyone to not just accept the name “Hospice” as being your local, non-profit hospice. We encourage the public to ask for Hospice of Chesterfield County by name should they ever need hospice services.
While Hospice of Chesterfield County does not need “new” volunteers – we have a wonderful group of more than 200 local individuals who contribute their time and talents in a variety of ways to help their terminally ill friends and neighbors – we always welcome additional volunteers. Anyone interested in volunteering may visit our offices at 114 E. McGregor Street in Pageland, 700 W. Blvd. in Chesterfield or 160 Second Street in Cheraw. You may also call us at 843-672-9155, 843-623-9155 or 843-537-2008.
We thank the community for its support of Hospice in Chesterfield County over the past two decades. We look forward to continuing to provide quality, compassionate care for the terminally ill in our area as your local, non-profit hospice.
John H. Douglas
Executive Director
Hospice of Chesterfield County

Note: Thank you, Mr. Douglas, for this clarification. We apologize for any confusion our article may have caused.

To the Editor,
Thanks for a job well done to Wesley Miles and his men. They are constantly cleaning up and picking up trash, mowing, trimming and removing limbs and leaves that we leave beside the street.
We should thank them when we see them. I am proud of Pageland and I believe most residents are, too. Our downtown continues to look better for the efforts of the store owners, as well as the Pageland Garden Club.
Thanks again to all of them.
Ogden Sutton

Note: For anyone who may not know Wesley Miles, he is the Public Works Director for the Town of Pageland.