Pageland Police Department & Chesterfield Sheriff’s Department reports

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By The Staff

Alcohol to a minor
Two Sumter residents were arrested with charges related to alcohol on July 1. A Pageland Police Department report said Calvin Lavert Thomas, 19, 1870 Mallory Drive, Sumter and Dorian Robert Pringle, 21, 29 Phillips Street, Sumter were caught speeding by PFC Randall Mullis. Mullis said Thomas was the driver and was asked to display his driver’s license and information. After a consented vehicle search, Mullis said he found two cups with vodka inside and a bottle of vodka, belonging to Pringle. Thomas was charged with minor in possession of alcohol. Pringle was charged with transfer of alcohol to a minor.

“I’m too drunk to do that”
A Monroe man was charged with DUI, DUS and open container on July 4. According to a report filed by Sgt. Chris Quick, Kenneth Ray Bowers Jr., 27, 5601 Griffin Road, Monroe, N.C., was seen on Highway 151 in a truck without a visible license plate. The report said the truck was swerving and was pulled over by Quick in CVS parking lot. Bowers did not supply Quick with a license and finally admitted his license had been suspended. The report said Quick could smell alcohol and Bowers’ eyes were bloodshot. The report said Quick administered a series of sobriety tests, which Bowers failed; in one test Bowers replied, “I ain’t even trying that, I know I’m too drunk to do that.” The subject was placed in handcuffs and transported to Pageland Police Department where he was charged with driving under the influence, driving under suspension and open container.

Disorderly conduct
A Pageland man was charged with disorderly conduct on July 7. A Pageland Police Department report said Cruz Horton, 25, 409 W. Sewell Street, was observed in the front yard of a Sycamore Street home after a call was received about a fight there. C. Francis of the Pageland Police Department said he could smell alcohol coming from Horton’s person. When approached, Horton became “loud and disruptive” and was “severely intoxicated with slurred speech,” according to the report. According to the victim, Horton had forced his way into the victim’s residence and reacted disorderly when removed. Horton was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Missing rifle
Pageland Police department is looking for a suspect who stole from an E. Maynard Street residence on July 8. According to a report filed by T. Johnson, a man had a Mini 14 Ruger 223 rifle stolen from his apartment on E. Maynard Street. The gun was black and silver with a folding stock and valued at $1200. The report said the victim did not know the serial number of the gun.

Stolen pocketbook

A report filed by Sgt. Garry Deaver said on July 9, a W. McGregor Street resident arrived in the lobby of the Pageland Police Department claiming her pocketbook and its contents had been stolen. The victim said she arrived home from work at about 3 a.m. and left her pocketbook in her unlocked car. When she came back to her car around 10:30 a.m. her pocketbook was missing. The report said the pocketbook is black and blue in color with leather handles. It has black flower designs and a fox symbol on it. The victim said inside was a N.C. driver’s license, social security card, birth certificate, IHOP uniform and work identification and $50.

Beer and paraphernalia
Two Pageland men were arrested on July 10 for drug and alcohol related charges. According to a Pageland Police Department report, Eduardo Perez Martinez, 22, and Cristian Lopez Morales, 25, both of 70 J.L. Green Lane, were traveling in a car observed by PFC Mullis at a high rate of speed on Highway 9 East. The report said when stopped the driver claimed Martinez was the owner of the car. Martinez claimed nothing illegal was in the car and a search was conducted. Two bottles open of beer were found, claimed by backseat passenger Morales, the report said. Johnson said a bowl was also found containing marijuana residue, which Martinez claimed “he was aware of” but “it was not his.” Martinez was placed under arrest for drug paraphernalia and Morales was arrested for open container.

Simple possesion
A Pageland man was arrested for simple possession of marijuana on July 10. A report filed by PFC Randall Mullis said Warren Alexis Alexander, 26, 7213 Pageland Highway, was observed not signaling when turning. The report said there were three children unsecured in the back of the vehicle. A consented vehicle search and frisk were completed and a clear baggy containing a “green leafy substance” was found in Alexander’s left pants pocket, Mullis said. Alexander was charged with simple possession of marijuana, child restraint and issued a warning for not using a turn signal.

Not sure what’s in there
A Kershaw man was arrested on July 11 for simple possession. According to a Pageland Police department report, Bobby Charles Wallace, 21, 4867 Paynes Road, Kershaw, almost caused a collision near Grits and Groceries. PFC Jordan Seidhom stopped the vehicle and noticed the man was nervous and shaking. The report said Wallace consented at first to a vehicle search, but then changed his mind and said “there may possibly be something in the glove box” but he was “not sure what it was.” A vehicle search was completed and a small tan pill was found, identified as oxycodone.