Pageland town spending

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Bill Moss
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The Pageland Town Council agreed to raise the utility franchise fee from 3 to 5 percent, generating $122,000. Among ideas for using the money are hiring a new police officer and dispatcher and a new town administrator. How do you think the town should spend the money?

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Franchise Fee

While I am all for building up our community and keeping it well maintained I am confused on this recent decision to raise the franchise fee from 3 to 5 percent.
When I first noticed this charge being added to my power bill, I called Lynches River and ask what the fee was for. I was told to call the town hall as this is something that the town hall enforced.
Upon calling the town hall, I spoke to the administrator who said that the Franchise Tax (assuming this we are speaking of the same thing when you say "fee") that we were seeing on our bills was where the Lynches River Coop Franchise tax/fees are now being passed along to the customers. Also that it was required to be part of Lynches River Coop.
With that being said, I question if originally we were being passed along the franchise tax/fees that were required to be part of Lynches River Coop how is it that the town is now using this tax/fee to put money in their pocket????
Soemwhere something doesn't line up.

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town spending

I Think the town should spend the money on something for teens to do to go out to have fun and something for family's. To go out. To do together that's why pageland teens are turning to trouble because. There is nothing for them or family's to do in pageland I hate to say it but pageland is a boring little town.