Pay attention

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Dear Editor:

In this economic environment, we keep hearing of possible "excessive" compensation packages of the Chesterfield County Council, Lynches River Electric Cooperative Board and the Sandhill Telephone Cooperative Board.

We the electorate and paying members of said county or cooperatives deserve to be informed of the "truth". It would benefit all of us if your staff would do a bit of investigative journalism, print the results of your findings pertaining to compensation, insurance, pension if any, or any relevant perks, so that we amy make a knowledgeable decision in voting on said council or board members. It would be a shame if reports of impropriety turn out to be fallacious, but if any of these "rumors" are accurate we the electorate deserve to know that we may make an informed decision when it comes to said council or boards.

An informed electorate is a powerful force.

Mitchell Davis

Chesterfield, SC