Simple Needs consignment shop opens in Pageland

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By Gary Phillips

Shoppers looking for a bargain or sellers hoping to make a few extra dollars can now go to Simple Needs at 121 N. Maple Street in Pageland. Open only a few weeks, owner Pamela Mitchell said she loves to go to yard sales and accumulated so many things at home her husband suggested she open a store. 


“He was tired of all my stuff around the house. I’ve been collecting for three years and I was going to open a flea market but he said I should open a consignment store,” she said. “One day I went home and he said he had looked at the building and wanted to get it.”

The store is stocked full of Mitchell’s items and others that she has taken in on consignment and will sell for other people for a small percentage of the price.

“We started with my things of mine and my best friend and my mother,” she said. “Then we passed out flyers and other friends started bringing things they had in storage. One friend brought in all her Home Interior items and in four days we sold over $1,000 worth of her stuff. It was amazing.”

Mitchell said selling things on consignment at a store like hers takes the work out of it for those who bring in the items.

“We’ll have your yard sale for you, but it’s inside,” she said. “Also, we don’t throw anything out. If something of mine doesn’t sell and we can’t use it, we’ll set it outside for free and whatever’s left we take to the Bargain Basket, so nothing gets wasted.”

Mitchell said the percentage she takes for consignments varies with how much merchandise someone brings in, and the seller sets the prices.

“They tell me what they want for something and we write it in a book. Every Saturday after we close, we tally everything up and let people know what they made,” she said. “On Mondays they can come and pick up their money.”

Mitchell said Simple Needs has been busy.

 “Times are hard and people are looking to save money any way they can,” she said. “I live to shop in stores like this and I thought other people would too and it looks like I’m right.”