Speak Out - April 17, 2012

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“I would like to know how far out of town and how fast that a city, county or state highway patrolman are allowed to chase a car. This is regarding an accident where someone was hit from behind due to a chase of a car out of town. This is ridiculous. They need a reasonable amount of speed that they need to go because this can hurt other people. It caused an accident. An innocent family was hurt.”

“A child becomes an adult when he or she realizes that he or she has a right not only to be right, but also to be wrong.”

“One of annoying things about believing in free will and individual responsibility is the difficulty of finding somebody to blame your problems on. And when you do find somebody, it’s remarkable how often his picture turns up on your driver’s license.”

“I want and need a new auto that I cannot afford. You see, thousands of people that are richer than I am have purchased vehicles made by corporations that the president used my tax dollars to bail out making rich people happier and poor people like myself unhappy trying to get a few more years and a few more miles from a vehicle I can’t afford to trade in all because of people who laughed at me all the way to the bank and all the way to the dealership. I hate to hang labels on humans, but some greedy folks are simply ungrateful slobs.”

“I’m calling about the comment I made in the paper about Coach Mangum. You wrote it as, ‘Satan looked at all of Heaven and God’s creation and he became jealous and wanted all the gold for himself.’ I said glory, not gold for himself. Thank you and you’re doing such a great job. I enjoy reading your paper.”

“I would just like to know when did it become a law that you cannot ride your dirt bike or four wheeler on a dirt road by your home as long as your not on anyone’s property. If that’s a law that you can’t do that then how is it that you can ride a scooter and a golf cart on the main road, in the middle of the road? It’s just a question I have for the state troopers that pull people over, only certain people get pulled over on dirt roads. Just speaking out about it. Can anybody answer that question for me?”

“I would like to comment on this year’s watermelon festival. Likely, preparations are being made and the festival is still some time away. In particular, I would like to address the watermelon pageant. My children have competed in pageants for many years, however will not compete in your pageant for 2012. We recently learned that two of your winners from last year’s pageant was indeed relatives of one or more of the judges. One of the winners being Miss Watermelon. This information was obtained from a Facebook page listing their relatives. Whether this informations was known by officials last year in unknown, but suspected. Precaution should have prevented this and I hope you will take them going forward. A contestant of any pageant should have no affiliation with any judge, much less a relative. These girls do not enter your pageant for money but for the chance to be a representative for Pageland and the watermelon festival. From babies to toddlers to Miss Watermelon, each deserves a fair and equal chance, win or lose. I will plead to the Watermelon Committee and the Pageland Town Council, govern this event and the choosing of the judges. If not, I fear to say you will be sorely lacking in contestants going forward. Word has spread and mothers will think twice about entering our daughters in this pageant or any other event in Pageland if we are not guaranteed a fair and impartial panel of judges, no matter the outcome. Thank you.”

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you doing the stories about the veterans around here. These men deserve the honor and recognition they are finally receiving and it’s good that you’re doing it for them before it’s too late. So many of the World War II veterans are passing away. They are in their 80s and 90s now and they are dying off day by day. Keep up the good work.”