Speak Out - March 27, 2012

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“I’m calling about the signs that say Shop Local. I called two air conditioning guys to come to my house and one never answered and the other one promised to come and never came. We can’t get haircuts on Saturday. There a lot of things that if you can’t go local and they want you to shop local. I now have to go out of town to find an air conditioning guy. We’re an elederly couple and I called two people. What am I supposed to do?”

“The wrong person was let go Tuesday. Judd Starling the principal made a decision to not recommend Coach Mangum back next year when there is a P.E. job open. How can one man who has no ties to the community and does not live here make that decision? Coach Mangum has been a great asset to the Pageland and Jefferson community and the students at Central High School. He is more more than a coach. Respect is earned and not taken. Coach Mangum has our respect.”

“To the citizens of Pageland and our surrounding community, as most of you know, South Pointe Christian School is scheduled to close effective  June 1. This is due to financial difficulties encountered over the past five years. New Covenant and South Pointe have meant so much to our children and our communinty over the past 30 years. It is hard to believe or accept that it will be closing. We are requesting much needed prayer and contacts for financial backing as we form a group effort to keep our school thriving for next year and the years to come. To the parents with children enrolled in our school, we are working feverishly on the quest to revitalize our school. Please continue to pray for God’s direction. Romans 8:28 says ‘We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him who have been called according to his purpose.”

“In regard to the closing of South Pointe Christian School, let’s ask a few questions. One: How many churches in Pageland area have South Pointe Christian School in their mission budgets? Two: How many pastors, deacons and church members think education with a Christian world book view is important? Three: How many businesses in the Pageland area have South Pointe Christian School on their list of charitable donations. Do the math. Count the businesses and churches in the Pageland area. Bottom line, if South Pointe Christian School dies, and we’re praying it does not, it died in Pageland before it died in Indian Trail.”

“On the subject of Coach Joey Mangum being fired from Central, it looks to me that there has not been any due process in this situation. It would be easier to maybe understand if the authorities involved here would offer us a reason why. It’s a public school system and we have a right to know.”