Speak Out - May 29, 2012

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“My friend, you’re looking good driving that new vehicle. Since you won’t say thanks to me for the help my taxes gave you, I’ll just thank mysel;f and hope that someday you will appreciate me enough to at least recognize me when you see me. Thanks a lot.”

“To those motorists who tailgate us poor taxpayers, remember this. We may be a little slow, our vehicle’s may be pushing 200,000 miles. But without the help of us poor folks and our taxes, you just might be walking rather than driving that new vehicle. Think about it.”

“I want to say congratulations to Mr. Geoffrey Mack on the news that he’s going to be the band director at Central next year. He has done a fabulous job at New Heights and I am 100 percent confident that he will make the Central band bigger and better.”

I am calling in to express my opinion that I agree with the callers from before who said the Watermelon Queen contest has been well run and fair. I think those who have complained must have had a daughter or neice or someone else who lost and now they are bitter about it and want to convince the rest of us that it’s unfair. Get over it.”

“I went to the Arts Alive concert last night at New Heights and I was really impressed with how talented oour kids are and how hardworking they are, along wiht their music and art teachers, in getting ready for the event. It was exciting to see and hear what they had to offer.”
“I think this has been said on Speak Out before, but I want to say how much I love seeing that huge flag flying in the breeze at Conbraco on 151. I can’t pass by there without looking at it and getting a good feeling. Thanks for putting it up there.”

“I’m still shocked, like I’m sure many of us still are about Coach Joey Mangum getting fired, but if he has to be out then I think they’ve done a good job in finding his replacement in Craig Hatcher. At least they didn’t bring in somebody from somewhere else like we all thought they would. Craig at least has a history around here. The real proof will come next fall during the football season.”

“Well, of course it’s all over the news about Ted Vick getting arrested in Columbia. What in the world was he thinking? I always think we should wait for the facts to come out and let a man have his day in court, but with his apology and all that it looks like he has practically confessed. Nobody’s perfect, but a guy in his position ought to know you’ve got to keep a really low profile.”

“I hope that with the fancy new headquarters Lynches River has now opened that they won’t raise the rates on us all to pay for it. It’s real nice, but real nice means real expensive and who else is going to pay for all that nice but us customers and members of the co-op? Kind of makes you think, doesn’t it? Also, on another subject, we should all pray for these young people who will be graduating out of high school next week. With hardly any jobs around, what are these kids going to do next? A few will go to college, but most will be out here either trying to find jobs that don’t exist or just hanging around doing nothing and living off their families. That’s why so many of our young people leave Pageland and this area. They pretty much have to if they expect to make a living at all. Tucker’s and Conbraco and Wal-Mart can't hire them all.