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Davis’ music is a family tradition

By The Staff

Brian Davis - Git in the Truck (full lenth)

Brian Davis is a third-generation country musician.

His grandfather played.

His dad played.

Davis, himself, takes center stage 9 p.m. Friday during the Watermelon Festival, putting his stamp of “farm boy, college girl” on country music.

“Performing, to me, is the pinnacle of what I do. I write for hours and hours and hours and then go into the studio — it’s all done to be on stage to have that connection with people. Being on stage is not about anything else but having a good time ... being in that moment.”

The Watermelon Festival marks the first visit to Pageland for Brian Davis and his band.

“This show, like a lot of shows, has a real diverse fan base,” he said.

Originally hailing from Raleigh, N.C., Davis quickly began pursuing a music career heading to Nashville in 1996 and eventually landing a publishing deal.

“Growing up, I was deep-rooted in country music. Country music is for the people, of the people. Country music should stand for that and it’s our job to be that reflection,” Davis said. “People come to music for two reasons — escape from reality and reflection of reality.”

Four albums later — the most recent “Somebody Else’s Radio” released in January — he continues writing music for his next project and for other musicians.

“The current release encompasses everything from love to love and good times to tailgates,” Davis said.