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    When John “Johnny” Eubanks tells of his days as a soldier in the U. S. Army serving in Vietnam, there are some things he would rather not talk about. Like most veterans who have seen battle, the memories are some he would rather forget.

  •  Pageland Garden Club release

    The Pageland Garden Club has selected the lawn of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Jackson, 207 West Turner St. as July’s Yard of the Month.  After living in New York, the Jackson’s chose to retire in their hometown of Pageland.  


    Some little boys say they want to grow up to be policemen or firefighters, others football players, but for Ronnie Aycoth his dream was probably more toward being a soldier as evidenced in the photograph of him as a young lad. 


    This Friday and Saturday the town of Pageland will celebrate its most famous piece of produce. Vendors will no doubt line the streets with watermelons in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

  • Ms. Margie Deegan of 919 South Sycamore Street is the proud recipient of the June Yard-of-the Month by the Pageland Garden Club.  
    Since 1984, she has enjoyed adding to the attractiveness of her yard.  She credits her friend Juan, along with his wife, in helping with her landscaping maintenance.  
    Palms, which are used to accent the entrance to her drive, lead your eye to the palm at the corner of her walkway.  Lining her lovely home are Knock out roses in shades of yellow, pink, and red, Gerber daisies, and Stella d’oro daylilies.

    Progressive Journal Correspondent
    When Paul Brewer was growing up on his parents’ farm just outside of Pageland he had no idea that he would travel across America and onto foreign soil to defend his country as a soldier in the United States Army.
    The son of Paul Sr. and Effie Brewer, Paul Brewer Jr. graduated from Pageland High School in 1969 and continued his education at S.C. State in Orangeburg.
    He received his B.A. in sociology on May 13, 1973 and was commissioned that same day into the Army.

  • Pageland Garden Club release

  • Spring has sprung and Pageland yards are alive again. The Pageland Garden Club is proud to award the April Yard of the Month to Mrs. Peggy Demby of 1002 Sewell Street. For those that know Demby, her yard represents her well.  One cliché comes to mind…”neat as a pin.” For years she has enjoyed working in her yard.  She credits her sons, Jack and Eddie, with assisting her with the yard maintenance.  

  • Organizers of this year’s eighth annual Native American Studies Week at the University of South Carolina-Lancaster took on the complex legacy of Lancaster County’s most famous son Thursday, March 28.
    Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United States, was born March 15, 1767, in the “Waxhaws of South Carolina,” a geographical area that is now part of the Lancaster County Panhandle.

  • Organizers of this year’s University of South Carolina Lancaster Native American Studies Week said the event, which ended March 29, was another success in the ongoing dialogue about issues facing Native Americans.
    All of this year’s events revolved around the theme of “Law and Justice for Native Americans.”