• Petersburg recognizes top sellers

    The Petersburg Primary School PTO on Thursday honored the top sellers of its Fall Fundraiser, which generated $4,399 for the school. First place winner was Gracie Moree, who won a $50 gift card, and second place winner was Kierra Patterson, who won a $25 gift card. Both are in kindergarten. Gracie is the daughter of Lisa and Gregory Moree, and Kierra is the daughter of Lisa Hargett and Sheldon Patterson.

  • Sand Hill firefighters dramatize fire prevention

    JEFFERSON — A family with no smoke detector slumbered on when smoke filled their house. Despite valiant rescue efforts by Sand Hill firefighters, three out of four family members died. The other family had a smoke detector and an evacuation plan. They made it out and survived.

    The scenarios were made up but the message could not have been more real.