• Faith helps local man survive cancer

    Mickey Jordan knew something was wrong. He was coughing up blood and passing out. His doctor said it was bronchitis. He knew it was worse.
    It was.
    Tests showed he had lung cancer. Jordan told his wife, Barbara, he was going to die.
    “I just busted out crying,” Barbara Jordan said. “I couldn’t even talk.”
    Doctors wanted to remove the lung. Jordan vacillated. He was more sure of death.
    “I was scared the surgery would kill me. It was the scariest I had ever been,” Jordan said.

  • Living with diabetes

    Paige Terry was nine years old when she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, sometimes called juvenile diabetes.
    Terry weighed 45 pounds and was in the fourth grade at then Petersburg Elementary School.
    “I couldn’t gain weight,” Terry said. “I was tired and thirsty all of the time.” She often left the classroom to use the restroom.
    Something was wrong.
    Her mother, Robin Terry, called Pageland Family Medicine.
    A doctor checked her blood sugar level. At first, Terry’s blood sugar level would not register.

  • Progressive Journal shoppers find smiles and deals

    Progressive Journal

    Consignment and antique shops, hair salons, dress boutiques and other family owned businesses add a certain uniqueness to small towns.
    Shopping at these local stores not only support local schools, police, fire and public works departments, it is also a lot of fun.

  • Pageland center of mild earthquake

    A 2.4 magnitude earthquake rippled through Pageland early Friday morning.
    The quake’s epicenter was 6.2 miles south, south-west of the town, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. It happened at 12:47 a.m., about 1.5 miles below the earth’s surface. The USGS listed Pageland as the earthquake’s epicenter.
    It is the second quake this year for Pageland. A 2.2 magnitude quake happened in May.

  • Baker brings her specialties to Jefferson

    From cupcakes to cake shakes, Tasha Brandon wants every bite of her desserts to satisfy your taste buds.
    Brandon owns TB’s Incredible Edible Desserts of Jefferson. Her specialties include banana pudding cakes and cupcakes, caramel carrot cakes and cupcakes, Coca Cola cakes, lemon cakes, candy apples, cake pops, chocolate covered strawberries and cake shakes.
    A 1988 Central High graduate, Brandon said she takes pride in producing quality goods, which she prepares with a lot of love.

  • Emergency drill studies consquences

    The Situation

    Weather Alert: Tornado headed for Chesterfield County

    911 caller: There’s tree blocking my road.
    911 operator: Do you need police, fire or medical assistance?

    911 caller: A tree has hit two houses.
    911 operator: Is anyone in the houses that were hit?
    911 caller: Two people are trapped underneath a mobile home, and two people are trapped underneath a home’s roof.

  • Fire guts two Chesterfield businesses
  • A quiet Knight

    Ask Charles Knight, the newest Pageland Town Council member, where he stands on the issues and you will initially get a quiet, polite stare.

    Then Knight will reply: “I don’t give answers until I know the facts.” 

    Knight said he believes residents will appreciate his deliberate honesty. 

    Knight defeated District 5 incumbent Elaine Robertson 36 votes to 29 votes in the Nov. 7 election. It was the only race on the Pageland ballot. The 65 voters represented a 29 percent turnout of the 223 registered voters in the district.

  • Look at my shoes!

    The children stomped their feet.

    They giggled and laughed.

    They seemed to walk a little taller.

    All because of a new pair of shoes. 

    Lucie Miller, watching the scene at the Petersburg Primary gym, understood. She worked at the school for 44 years as a teacher’s assistant, an attendance clerk and a bus driver. 

    She remembers the times children, who came to class or got on her bus, shouting, “look at my shoes!”

  • Senior Spotlight: Richard Rowell

    Age: 70

    Town: Pageland

    Family and pets: Wife, Lou Ellen; a son; two daughters; a stepson; six grandchildren; three great grandchildren and four cats

    Church: Attends Zion United Methodist Church

    Occupation/Retired from: Owner of Computer Concepts, 25 years/Dickerson, data process manager, 13 years/Computer Systems, installed first computer for Teledyne Allvac 

    Favorite meal: Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and cole slaw

    Favorite TV show: “Frontline”