• Martin Luther King Jr. Day: New ‘torch leaders’ must continue the journey

    Rev. Donald McAllister’s message was clear and simple – the struggle for civil rights for all people is not over.
    In a message that was part sermon, part song – and throughout strongly preached – McAllister said, “We’re still on the journey. We have not yet arrived.”
    “Even though the dreamer is gone, the dream lives on. We’re the torch leaders.”
    The crowd at the Clyburn Center in Pageland responded to McAllister’s message, standing and clapping.

  • Collaborating drives Coordinating Council

    The Chesterfield County Coordinating Council celebrated its 25th anniversary Friday with conversation and cake.
    As good as the carrot cake and the meal were, it was the conversation and the subject matter that mattered most.
    As the group’s name implies, the council is all about coordinating, as well as collaborating, to help those in need in Chesterfield County.
    How that is done is up to who attends the meetings and what they want to do, says Margaret Plettinger Mitchell, the council’s coordinator.

  • 2 Pageland queens win S.C. crowns

    Staff report

    Harleigh Tadlock and Kayla Laney of Pageland won Miss South Carolina crowns Saturday.
    Tadlock, 11, was crowned Miss Pre Teen South Carolina.
    Laney, 20, was crowed Ms. South Carolina.
    They advance to the Miss United States Pageant which sponsors seven age divisions: Little Miss United States, Miss Pre-Teen United States, Miss Jr. Teen United States, Miss Teen United States, Miss United States, Ms. United States, and Ms. Woman United States.

  • Senior Spotlight: Thomas C. Blakeney

    Age: 75
    Town: Pageland
    Family: Six daughters and eight grandchildren
    Occupation: Owner of Thomas and Daughters’ Real Estate and Blakeney’s Used Cars
    Favorite meal: Baked chicken, mac and cheese and greens
    Favorite TV show: NBA TV
    How you spend your days? Going back and forth from here to New York for my real estate business
    Where is the last place you traveled? I traveled to Bronx, N.Y.
    If you could do anything, what would it be? I would go to the Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans.

  • High Point Fire Department honors incoming and outgoing fire chiefs

    Billy Carnes III is the new chief of the High Point Fire Department.
    He succeeds Wendell Johnson, who served as High Point’s chief for 10 years.
    Johnson, at the department’s Jan. 13 service awards banquet, encouraged the volunteers to give Carnes the same support as they gave him.
    “It hasn’t been one person doing this thing,” Johnson said. “It’s a team effort. If it wasn’t for all of the volunteers, we wouldn’t be successful.”

  • American Pickers seeks S.C. antique collections

    From release

  • Chasing the dream

    It has been almost 50 years since the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    Gerald “Mickey” Baker and Henry Edgeworth of Pageland were 21 and 24, respectively, when King died. 

    Over 50 years these African Americans have seen many changes – but they say it is not enough.

    The door to equality – for all Americans – has not been opened wide enough.

    “We have not arrived,” Baker said.  “The struggle continues.”

  • “S-O-N-A-T-A” sweet music in spelling bee

    CHESTERFIELD – Jackson Morris’ strategy to win the Chesterfield County spelling bee was simple, stall. 

    After hearing a word, Morris, an eighth-grader at McBee High School, would scratch his head, look up, or cross his arms over his chest.

    He asked the pronouncer to use the spelling word in a sentence, or to repeat its definition.

    “My brain kept going blank,” he said. 

    Morris correctly spelled timely, easel, primal, mentor, sushi, talc, ravel, slaughter, karma, hickory, jute and ventilate. 

  • Save gas receipts for state deduction

    The receipt available with fuel fill-ups is no longer an insignificant slip of paper to discard.

    State taxpayers have a chance to save a little extra money by hanging onto fuel receipts.

    On Jan. 1, a new income tax credit went into effect to offset the gas tax increase passed by state lawmakers last spring.

  • Pageland floral shop reopens

    Daniel Toler’s shop has not even officially opened, but he is already fulfilling an unmet need in Pageland.  Quietly he has been making flower arrangements. 

    Residents have been without a florist for a year and a half.  Their closest option has been The Classic Corner Florist in Jefferson. 

    On Jan. 20, Pageland Floral and Gifts at 111 N. Pearl St. reopens under Toler’s ownership.