• LETTER: Demonizing NRA not the answer to school gun violence

    Dear Editor,
    America does not have a gun problem. We have a school problem. It is time to do something that will actually make schools safer and stop demonizing the NRA and firearms. The NRA teaches firearm safety, not hate and mayhem.

  • LETTER: School shooting the fault of government, not guns

    Dear editor,
    Government created the recent school shooting in Florida. The federal government’s FBI failed to act on two notifications about the shooter, the Florida state and county governments failed on numerous notifications about the shooter’s mental health and the city police force also failed to act.

  • LETTER: Benefits of caregiver support groups

    Dear Editor, 

    Most Alzheimer’s/Dementia caregivers experience challenges when dealing with someone they love. Coping with care giving leads to feelings of isolation, burnout, emotional and physical exhaustion. 

    Why is it important to participate in a caregiver’s support group?  Research showns that support is vital to the health and well-being of long-term caregivers. 

  • LETTER: National salute to veterans

    Dear Editor:

    This Valentine’s Day, many veterans who fought to preserve our freedoms will be hospitalized, receiving the medical care they earned, but separated from the homes and communities they defended.  

    No one should be alone on Valentine’s Day. With the help of our grateful community, no Veteran has to be. 

  • LETTER: Thanks for reading

    Dear Editor:
    Pageland Elementary held its first  “Real Men Read” event recently. Men from throughout our community and surrounding communities visited every classroom, read to students, and shared how reading is an important part of their lives.
    Pageland Elementary School would like to thank the following men for giving of their time to make this event such a huge success:

  • LETTER: 2-1-1 finds help

    Dear Editor:
    Sunday is 2-1-1.
    The national day of celebration recognizes the service that connects individuals to information and support – a better way to find help.
    2-1-1 is there when people need help with taxes, cleanup services after a disaster, crisis counseling, shelter, help with basic needs or any number support services.
    In South Carolina, 2-1-1 partners with government agencies and non-profit organizations to find the services that help people.

  • Letter: Resolve to become a Guardian ad Litem

    Dear Editor, 

    The season of giving is upon us and there is no better gift than giving back to your community. 

    Being a volunteer with the Cass Elias McCarter Guardian ad Litem program allows you to give your time to an abused and neglected child in Chesterfield County all year round. The joy you will receive knowing you made a difference in the life of a child is priceless. 

    The shared efforts of the Guardian ad Litem and various county partners makes sure a children have voice, helping to overcome feelings of uncertainty. 

  • Letter: Thank you

    Dear Editor,

    The Central High School Varsity Girls Basketball team would like to thank Mr. Funderburk from Wallace Mechanical Supply Inc for his donation.
    The girls have not only been practicing hard, but also working hard to raise the money for essential gear. Mr. Funderburk’s donation will be used to buy basketball shoes for the team.
    The girls are working hard and hoping for a successful season.

  • LETTER: Reader thanks Hospice of Chesterfield County

    There are no words to adequately express our heartfelt gratitude for all Hospice of Chesterfield County has done for our mother, Helen Griggs of Cheraw.  She always spoke so highly of you all, and now we understand why.  Her memorial to Hospice was our hope to perpetuate this kindness to others you serve. 

  • Letter: Town of Pageland needs jobs


    My main concern is people that live here for a long time. Some lack jobs. More jobs are needed in the Pageland area and more jobs should be coming to Pageland.
    Our light company, Duke Power, should have an office in Pageland.
    We use to have a bus stop in Pageland. There needs to be a bus station, as well as a train station, in Pageland.
    We use to have a Christian radio station here to broadcast news headlines of what is going in other places.