• Angela Stallings is the chairperson of the United Way of Chesterfield County. She is employed at Sonoco in Hartsville as a senior tax accountant. She resides in McBee and is immediate past President of McBee Lions Club. She and her husband Leon were very active in the United Way of Chesterfield County’s Financial Stability program during 2016 as volunteer tax preparers. Financial stability has been added recently as part of United Way of Chesterfield County impact areas. Stallings helped plan for this addition. 
    Q: Why did you become a board member?

  • Curtis Loftis

    S.C. Treasurer

    For many of us, the New Year is a time to create resolutions we hope will have a lasting impact in our lives. 

    We think of the New Year as a blank slate, the perfect opportunity to prioritize what is most important to us. For many families across South Carolina, helping their children achieve future goals and dreams is at the top of that list. 

  • Christmas is a love story and a light story. It is no accident that lights are so much a part of the Christmas celebration. The light of the ancient star was more than guidance for the wise men.

  • McLeod Hospice

    The holidays are upon us. While many people are getting in the spirit, many more are having a difficult time preparing for the season.
    Some individuals and families are dealing with the loss of a loved one. The loss of someone close is stressful at any time of the year, but it is especially hard to handle during the holidays.

  • On Nov. 7, the residents of District 5 will go to the polls to election a representative for Pageland Town Council. This election is important to not only District 5, but to all residents of the Town of Pageland. I have decided to run for this position for a multitude of reasons. Here are just a few that I feel are most important:

  • Ichose to run for public office because I want to make a difference in the community I live in.  In the four years that I have served the Town of Pageland, I can proudly say I have made a difference.  
    Just to name a few things accomplished include refinancing the community center debt and saving the town $450,000 in interest expense.  By doing so we will pay the debt off 26 years earlier. We have also paved the parking lot at Moore Park as well as adding restroom facilities.  
    I love being a part of the council that will move Pageland forward.

  • For most of my life when people asked where I was “from,” my reply was that I had the best of two worlds.
    “I’m blessed, I was born in the North (upstate New York) and raised in the South (Virginia).”
    I am rethinking that response after the events in Charlottesville, Va., and other places.
    The South and the North of today are not the places I grew up in.
    Hate has replaced history. People want their own versions of history and are willing to delete – or destroy – any inconvenient truths.

  • By Kevin Smith
    Guest column

    There was a time in my life when I end up in $209 a week hotel in Charlotte near the office park I worked at, downloading Walking Dead each week and looking out the window every couple of hours to see if my car was still there. It was after a breakup and I didn’t eat a whole bunch.
    I may not have eaten well, but a man does need his toiletries: his toothpaste, his deodorant, his shampoo, and his razor.
    And his shaving cream, even though I don’t enjoy shaving.

  • By Kevin Smith
    Guest column

    Kelly sat down on the couch, crying. She had just started the last cigarette her doctor allowed her.
    “I’m pregnant.”
    We weren’t married. We had been together for the better part of a year, but that’s still not married in 1998 in Matthews, N.C.

    The south.

  • By Kevin Smith
    Guest column

    “Do I need to cook you some chicken, Kevin?” asked Shelby Moree in the back of Mickey’s kitchen in downtown Pageland.
    I hesitate. I stutter.
    “Uh, yea, uh…”
    I grew up with relatives who never found anything they wouldn’t deep fry.
    “You want white or dark meat?”
    “Uh, white. Definitely white.”

    Guest column

    If you stop and really think about it, this is the most fundamental question one could ask about our state and nation.
    And the answer says a lot about the kind of people we are as a state and a nation.
    The American Dream is both very simple and very profound. It has been the driving force behind our country since its earliest days.

  • It’s time to celebrate America’s national birthday.
    It’s time to watch fireworks displays, sing patriotic songs, and ruminate about our country’s rich heritage.  
    As we do so, we should recognize that millions of our ancestors, by their creative thinking, hard work, devotion to the common good, and personal sacrifices have helped make our nation a beacon of democracy and opportunity in a world that has faced a sea of challenges since 1776.

  • By Sharon Sweatt
    Chesterfield County Coordinating Council
    Guest column

    Inhalant abuse is sniffing or inhaling common products found in homes to obtain a “high”. This can lead to death or permanent brain, heart, blood, kidney or liver damage. It may also cause seizures, which can be deadly. Victims can die suddenly, from the heart beating rapidly and unevenly which can cause a heart attack. It can also lead to loss of muscle control. In most cases this is only temporary, but still dangerous.

  • It has always been a source of great bewilderment to me the huge hypocritical gulf between how we as Southern men talk about women – and how we treat them.
    Our historic culture is that we put women on a pedestal, we dress them in hoop skirts, we praise the Scarlet O’Hara strong-women types, are chivalrous defenders of the virtues of Southern womanhood, always looking to help a fair damsel in distress – and on and on.

    Guest column

    Did you ever wonder what a truly great school looks like?
    Politicians, business people, teachers, etc., all talk about how we need, want and deserve great schools.
    But no one ever really describes what a great school looks like.

    Guest column

    Have you ever known someone who was even-tempered and composed even when circumstances seemed to be falling apart all around them?
    In times of a serious crisis, somehow these individuals remain calm and collected and in fact, it’s not unusual to see them comforting the very ones who came to help.
    So, what is the secret to living in a peaceful state of mind? It’s coming to the point in our journey where we simply begin to realize who God is.

    Guest column

    Season ticket holder or first-timer, watching your team take the field or visiting new teams in a different venue, gripping your seat tightly during the finger-biting last minutes of a close game or cheering on a decisive win, sports can certainly be some of the best entertainment possible.
    A little planning can help keep your costs under control, and you can apply the ideas below to almost any sporting event.

    Save money on the tickets

    Guest column

    On Saturday morning, the newspaper landed with its usual thud on my front porch. As I bent over to pick it up, I saw the headline, “McMaster Backs Trump’s Exit from Climate Accord.”
    Instantly, I remember the words from a radio interview the day before with English businessman Richard Branson (Virgin Airlines and Records et. al) about Trump’s action.

    Guest column

    Whether it’s a matter of comfort, appearance or safety, there are many medical procedures that you may want or need, but your health insurance won’t cover.
    Laser eye surgery may fall into the want category for most people, and it can be a hefty investment with each eye costing several thousand dollars.

  • By Pam Mitchell
    Guest column