• “I’d like to give a big ‘praise God’ for all the people that helped out after the water meeting Saturday to help each other, to push each other out of the mud and everything and that helped me also. That was God’s mighty hand that worked that showed the love for everybody that helped out and I just want to praise God and thank Him and thanks a lot. Thank you very much.”

  • “I certainly agree with the writer about having prison inmates clean our roadsides. We need them and they need us. They would certainly like to get outside a while or having them do some other things. Look in the Charlotte Observer, Tuesday, October 2 newspaper. You’ll see how North Carolina inmates are working in garden centers. They aren’t only helping themselves, but they’re helping the community. They are learning skills so that when they, the North Carolina inmates, get out they may be able to get a job.”

  • Every year, the Palmetto Poison Center receives thousands of calls from South Carolinians regarding their medications.
    Many of these callers are elderly persons who have questions about their prescriptions or recommended dosages. This specific sector of our population is oftentimes prone to uncertainty, which can stem from a number of sources, including loss of memory or confusion resulting from a large volume of prescribed medications.

  • “I’m just calling to thank the ones that voted for our president for the simple reason I pay $120 per week insurance, but cannot afford to go to the doctor because the deductible is so high that I have to meet. I just want to say thank you for the ones that never voted until, just read between the lines. People who haven’t voted before voted for him for one reason.”

  • “I’m calling about the comments of the school children put on the team. I agree with the caller, because that does happen they pick out the kids because of who they parents are and they kin to the coaches or whatever. The kids do not get treated fair. I agree. Thank you.”

  • For years, I have been aware of the poor conditions of the roads and bridges in our county and state and have sought greater funding for infrastructure improvements.

    A strong infrastructure is needed not only to attract  industry to our state, but also to ensure the safety of  our drivers. 

    Deteriorating bridges and roads with dents and potholes can cause major accidents and unsafe driving conditions.

  • “I would like to speak out about the bus drivers are driving the buses with children on it and talking on their cell phones. I experienced three times last week bus drivers while driving the buses and talking on the cell phones and some of the children are standing up. I think this is a serious issue and Chesterfield County needs to check into it because there’s a lot of times the kids need the attention instead of the driver talking on their cell phone. Thank you.”

  • To the editor:

    Our Mother, Pearl Sowell Arant, used to tell us how she and her friends would  walk to school and observe the house being built at 501 W. McGregor Street.  

    She knew John Armstrong Arant was having the house built for himself. The   bricks were all hand-scratched which was something done to provide jobs as it was being built during The Great Depression. The house also was constructed with walls that were two bricks thick to provide an unusually solid structure.

  • “The advantage of a bad memory is that we can enjoy several times the same good things for the first time.”

    “It’s sad when the intersection of Number 9 and 151 are so bad the big trucks force the little ones over to the holes to fall in and make it more dangerous for them. Fixing it is only two or three years behind. Maybe it will get done by the end of this decade.”

  • I’m really glad my last couple of columns here have been on happy subjects, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Because the news is not always good and this, my firends, is one of those times.
    A crazed gunman goes into a Conneticut elementary school and murders 26 young children, this after killing his own mother at home, a woman who was a teacher at that school.

  • “I’d like to tell everyone they ought to go in downtown Pageland during the evening and see the lights and decorations. They really look nice so go take a look at them. Thank you.”

    “I hate it that Terry Lowery got killed, but I thought the Pageland Journal did a real nice story and pictures about it. He was really a good guy and you made sure that was part of the story.”

  • “I’m calling to reply to and agree with the person that called in last week and said we all should pray instead of just complain and talk about other people. They’re right, but in their call they were complaining and talking about other people, too. I guess like most folks, it’s OK just when you do it but not OK for anybody else. Hypocrite.”