• “If Mitt Romney knows how to get the economy back on track, why doesn’t he tell Congress and Obama? If President Obama knows how to get the economy rolling again, why doesn’t Obama do it now? Why wait? If either candidate running for president, really wants to help the voters now, then make the oil companies drop the price of gas at the pump, just as fast and just as often as when the price goes up. That will help all of us.”

  • “I’m calling about the guy that wrote in your Speak Out on October 23 about kudos to the band that played at New Heights’ game last Wednesday. The band did not play. I worked the sidelines and the band did not play. I don’t know what game you were at. Thank you.”

    Note: Calls come into Speak Out for several days before the date they are printed in the paper. The caller may have been talking about an earlier game than the one you refer to.

  • “People receive government assistance to help you pay for a babysitter while you’re at work. Just in case you didn’t know, that’s some friendly information from me to you. Oh, yeah, you’re welcome. One more thing. To the lady who is not able to eat steak whenever she wants, perhaps you should find a friend who gets EBT and see if she’ll let you get something off her card. Thanks. Talk to ya’ll next week.”

  • The opinions expressed in “Speak Out” are strictly those of the callers and not of The Progressive Journal.

  • “I would like to comment about the school bus routes. They have a ‘first on, last off’ policy. I find this to be extremely unfair and I believe I’m not the only parent. But the school wants the kids well rested. If they get on the bus at 6:30 in the morning, have a school day, get off at 4:30, how are they rested after doing homework, much less have any concentration? Also, there’s no time to be a family. To make it fair why not reverse the route in the afternoon to be fair? That way no child is on for too long. First on, first off.”

  • “I would like to speak out about my background as far as expunging it. The case is, I know of a same person 30 years old that’s my age was able to get on with the county at the animal shelter, had drug charges, had bad check writing and I had one charge on my record. The county expunged her record, but why do I got to wait three years before I can get my record cleared? I am a nursing student and because this one little thing, she had many things on her record. How is it that the county can clear hers for free but I got to pay $310 and that’s for everybody. What is the difference in person.

    • “I just read in the paper this week about another customer calling in about the town council putting a limit on the chickens you can keep in town. I was told a few years ago that there was a town ordinance against having any kind of farm animals in the town itself. So I think that should be looked at because if they can’t have farm animals then they can’t have chickens.”


    • “Next year I would like to see business owners and citizens of Pageland decorate their doors and windows and yards for the Watermelon Festival. I think everyone could do more to make it more festive. Maybe the Chamber of Commerce could encourage everyone to participate in this. Thank you.”


  • To the editor:
    I would like to congratulate all of the Pageland All-Stars on a job well done. A special congratulations [also goes to] coaches Jason Evans, Demon Funderburk and Brad Willard, and the Pageland Dixie Angels All-Star team in placing third in the state tournament and also winning the tournament’s sportsmanship award.
    A special congratulations also to coaches Scottie Miller, Scott Steen and Gabe Sims, and the Pageland Ponytails All-Star team in placing sixth in their state tournament.

  • “I want to say something to respond to the person who said in Speak Out last week that people shouldn’t display the Confederate flag. Here in the Unites States we have the right to fly any flag we want to, and a lot of people around here are proud of our southern heritage and like to show it. If a Mexican is proud of Mexico he has the right to put up a Mexican flag. If a southerner is proud to be from the south he has the right to show the Confederate flag. Anyone who doesn’t like that needs to go back to Michigan or New York or wherever you’re from. We won’t miss you.”

  • “My friend, you’re looking good driving that new vehicle. Since you won’t say thanks to me for the help my taxes gave you, I’ll just thank mysel;f and hope that someday you will appreciate me enough to at least recognize me when you see me. Thanks a lot.”