FEMA opening recovery center in Cheraw

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By The Staff

FEMA is opening a disaster recovery center at Northeastern Technical College in Cheraw to assist those affected by Florence.
Residents with storm damage need to go to NETC to formally register, said Harold Hainey, Chesterfield County’s emergency management director.
After the storm residents were asked to call the county to report damage. Data from the calls was used by the county to qualify for individual disaster assistance from FEMA, Hainey said.
Residents must now start the damage-review process with FEMA.
Residents can receive up to $34,000 in FEMA aid, but that amount can be reduced by any number of factors. FEMA can also deny a claim.
To register with FEMA, residents must have identification, provide their Social Security number, give a daytime phone number and bring insurance information.
FEMA may conduct a housing inspection of residences damaged by Florence. 
FEMA assistance may help pay for temporary housing, emergency home repairs and rental assistance, essential personal property and limited family expenses. FEMA will not duplicate what a homeowner’s insurance company has covered.
Chesterfield County officials are completing their damage assessment. The initial damage estimate for public properties such as schools and roads is more than $7 million, Hainey said.
Chesterfield County is spraying for mosquitoes, starting Wednesday night at 8:00 p.m.
Mosquito experts say floodwaters can cause eggs that would have otherwise lay dormant for over a year to hatch – sending billions of mosquitoes into the air.
The federal Environmental Protection Agency continues its work at Huckleberry Park in Cheraw and nearby residences.
The EPA collected sediment samples from the five homes that were flooded there. Samples from these homes showed evidence of PCB contamination.
The EPA is currently overseeing work conducted by Highland Industries Inc. under a consent agreement to remove PCB-contaminated soil in Huckleberry Park, the Highland facility property, and an adjacent ditch.
There were no open excavations at the time of the storm. Excavation and backfilling at Huckleberry Park was completed prior to the arrival of Florence.
According to federal officials, the cleanup action is specific to the flooding caused by Hurricane Florence and is not connected to the ongoing time-critical removal action mentioned above.
The former Burlington Industries property in Cheraw has been a Superfund site since May 17, 2018.