Senior Spotlight: Deborah Arnason

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By Vanessa Tyson

Age: 72
Town:  Pageland
Family: Arne Arnason, husband; one daughter and 10 grandchildren
Church: Attends Pageland Rose Memorial Church of the Nazarene
Occupation/Retired from: Former administrative assistant for Luvs for Youth Haven, Naples, Fla.
Favorite meal: Wild salmon, lemon and rice, and riced cauliflower
Favorite TV show: “In the Heat of the Night”
How you spend your days? Campaigning for clean air and water, and clean government
Where is the last place you traveled? Bucks County, Pa.
If you could do anything, what would it be? I would visit Hawaii.
What do you want the public to know about you? My husband is originally from Iceland, the land of fire and ice.  We have traveled there four times.  I also am an advocate for healthy living, diet, and exercise.
What is your favorite memory?  Visiting my aunt’s farm in southern Illinois when I was young.
Do you have any regrets in life? I don’t really think I do.
Name three things you are grateful for? My husband, God, and people who care about others and the planet we live on.
Words you live by: They are the words of Helen Keller – “Life is a daring adventure, or nothing.”
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