Crime & Courts

  • Crack sale plea results in prison

    A 21-year-old Pageland man was sentenced to six years in the state’s youthful offender lockup last week after pleading guilty to crack cocaine possession, the first in a pile of charges he faces.

    “The other charges quite frankly are much more severe,” Deputy Solicitor Dernard Redmond told Fourth Judicial Circuit Judge Paul Burch. Prosecutors reserved the right to seek additional penalties on nine other crimes he faces.

  • What’s his name goes to jail

    A 39-year-old Lancaster man started out giving police officers a false identify and ended up deeper and deeper until he ended up in jail facing charges of giving false information, possessing stolen property, no proof of insurance and driving under suspension — for the sixth time.

  • Carjacker captured in Jefferson

    A carjacker with a lengthy criminal record was caught less than an hour after he pulled a gun on a motorist in Pageland and sped away in his 2003 Nissan Altima last week.

    Police got a report at 7:35 on Wednesday night (Oct. 27) that a 21-year-old man had just become the victim of the carjacking. Travis Wesley Hayes, of Tadlock Road, told investigators that he was walking toward his car at McDonalds when a male wearing jeans, a black tank top and black toboggan approached him, pointed a gun at him and demanded his car keys.

  • Pageland court report

    Pageland town court dispositions from Oct. 20:

    Saul Barron Martinez - criminal domestic violence, assault and battery, 30 days time served public works


    Shirlerece Stareka Redfern - ABC violation, DUS, $2,105 or 180 days


    Buddy Aaron Fields - speeding - $82


    Karen Marie Crandell - speeding - $82


    Stephanie Nicole Smith - speeding - $82


    John Rochel Rivers, Jr - seatbelt violation - $25


  • Pageland arrests

    Arrests made Oct. 15-17 by Pageland police department:

  • Liza cracks the case

    JEFFERSON — An alert deputy and a sharp-nosed canine named Liza led to an arrest of two out-of-state residents for drug violations, possession of a sawed off shotgun and possession of a stolen firearm at 10:21 p.m. on Oct. 14.

    Deputy Randall Kerns made a traffic stop of a car that ran a stop sign at Highway 151 and Highway 903 in Jefferson. The two young men were nervous and tried to avoid eye contact. Kerns noticed rolling papers on the floorboard and asked for permission to search the vehicle. They said no, not without a warrant.

  • Magistrate's court cases

    Cases heard in magistrate’s court at the Pageland Judicial Center. Listed are name, address, offense and sentence. Verdict is guilty unless noted.

    Lisa D. Short, 36, 264 Plyler St., disorderly conduct, $455.

    Marcus Lee, 31, disorderly conduct, 400 E. Maynard St., 1 day.

    Michael L. Warwick, 23, 167 Elvis Pressley, Chesterfield, disorderly conduct, 30 day.

    Ashley N. Terry, 20, open container, $155.

    Roger D. Little, 45, 285 McCray Road, disorderly conduct, $280, 30 days.

  • Stolen rifle recovered

    Good instincts by an alert officer on patrol led to a felony arrest for theft and the recovery of a $1,200 hunting rifle last Thursday morning.
    Sgt. Nathan Brucke observed a Toyota Camry operated by a driver he knew had a suspended license. He made a traffic stop and asked the driver, 36-year-old Troy Joseph Gainey of 208 E. Turner St., for his license.

  • Mad, profane and in jail

    A local woman was charged with aggravated assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest after police say she threatened to cut another woman, let loose a torrent of profanities at a police officer and fought being subdued.

    Sgt. Nathan Brucke responded to a call at 4:26 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 20, about a reported knifing at 504 W. Godfrey St. He found the suspect, Rosetta Doster Staton, 53, of 405 N. Oak St., walking on N. Elm St. Brucke asked her if she had a weapon and she pulled out a pocketknife with a 7-inch blade.

  • Two charged for pulling blades

    Chesterfield County sheriff’s deputies arrested two Hartsville men for pulling knives and sent a third home with a citation for fighting after a disturbance call at High Rollers Bar on Hartsville Highway at 11:14 p.m. on Oct. 7.