• NETC might train insurance adjusters

    Northeastern Technical College is considering adding a program to the Pageland campus that could dramatically increase enrollment there and even attract out-of-state students.
    At the urging of Cross Country Adjusting of Pageland, NETC is looking at opening a program for insurance adjusters.
    As envisioned, the program would be more than helping students pass a state exam to be a certified adjuster.
    The proposed curriculum would combine academic and vocational studies.

  • NETC Announces Honor Lists for Summer Semester

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    The faculty and staff of Northeastern Technical College proudly honor the following students for their outstanding academic achievement during the 2018 summer semester. Students are named to the President’s List in recognition of a grade point average of 4.0.  Students placed on the Dean’s List are recognized for earning a grade point average of 3.5.

    President’s List 


    Jessica C. Crowley and Keith G. Brigman.

  • School board filing opens today

    The filing period to run for the Chesterfield County Board of Education opens today and ends Sept. 18 at noon. 

    Four seats are up for election: District 1, District 2, District 3 and District 9. The board has nine members.

    Incumbents Kim Burch (District 1), Darin Coleman (District 2) Wesley Miles (District 3), and Wayne Chapman (District 9)  are running for another four-year term.

  • Chesterfield County School District holds kick-off

    As employees from Chesterfield County schools gathered for the annual pre-school kickoff Friday, all eyes were upon the district’s 97 bus drivers.

    Chris Price, executive director of Administration and Student Services, asked the crowd at Chesterfield-Ruby Middle School to stand and applaud. “Let’s honor the drivers of our cheese wagons,” Price said.

  • Opening the door to middle school

    The sixth grade hall at New Heights Middle School was flooded with anxious sixth graders and their parents during the recent “Moving to the Middle” day.

    Some students had never been in the school building.  Some were excited to meet their new teachers and see old friends.

    Many were nervous about having lockers for the first time. Could they work the combination and get their locker open?

  • Chambers receives scholarship

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    A partnership between Goodman Creek Baptist Church and Northeastern Technical College has helped a Pageland student. 

    The church awarded Kiara Chambers of Pageland a $500 scholarship. Chambers plans to study Childhood Development.

  • A tale of journeys
  • Macabre marchers

    It is a classic story.
    A couple, ready to marry, are separated by death.
    There is a wedding, nonetheless. There is a waltz. There are zombies.
    The soundtrack includes chimes and a tambourine.
    The story, the music, the dance – and the zombies – are coming to a football field near you, thanks to the Central High School Marching Band.
    Central’s show this year is “Til Death Do Us Part.” It is based on “The Witching Hour,” a musical suite by composer Randall Stonebridge.

  • Student, teacher, vice principal

    Thomas Brewer’s life is again coming full circle.
    As a child, he walked down the hill to what was then Petersburg High School, Pageland’s school for all African-American children, from kindergarten through 12th grade. 
    As a 42-year-old man making a mid-career change, Brewer walked into a Petersburg Primary classroom, standing before 25 to 30 kindergarten students. His primary focus was keeping order. Teaching came second.

  • Sales-tax holiday starts Aug. 3

    Julie Graham
    Landmark News Service

    In early July, Danielle Fleck loaded her online cart with $233 worth of school supplies and clicked “Save for Later.”
    The Indian Land mother of three plans to take advantage of South Carolina’s sales-tax holiday Aug. 3-5, which includes clothing, shoes, backpacks, computers, bedding and bath towels. The items are exempt from the state’s 6 percent sales tax and any applicable local taxes.