• ‘Yes I Can,’ says Chesterfield High student

    Chesterfield High student Thomas Diggs thought he was in trouble when he heard his name over the school’s intercom.
    “What does Mr. Radkin want with me?” Diggs said to himself of the school’s principal, Scott Radkin.
    As Diggs entered the school’s main office he found his parents, his godmother, and his little nephew whom he adores, waiting to greet him.
    They were there to celebrate Thomas being named the South Carolina Council for Exceptional Children’s “Yes I Can” winner for the 2017-18 school year.

  • Ms. South Carolina U.S. relinquishes title

    Pageland native Kayla Laney, who recently won the Ms. South Carolina crown, has relinquished her title, citing personal reasons.
    Laney would have advanced to the Miss United States Pageant to compete for a national title.
    “We are disappointed that Kayla won’t be going to the national pageant,” said Tim Griffin of the Griffin Scholarship Foundation. “But we totally support her decision to put her family first.”

  • Ready to file your S.C. taxes? Here’s what you should know

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    COLUMBIA  – The Internal Revenue Service and the South Carolina Department of Revenue are accepting individual income tax returns.
    The deadline is April 17.
     The S.C. Department of Revenue says electronic filing is the most efficient and safest way to file.  

  • McLeod Health introduces pregnancy app

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    FLORENCE – McLeod Health’s free Motherhood App is a step-by-step guide to pregnancy, helping women learn what to expect and when. The app allows women to track their progress, and get valuable information on a healthy pregnancy, giving birth, breastfeeding, and parenting. The app allows women to a personal journal for all those special moments along the way.
    Features include week-by-week pregnancy milestones, an appointment tracker, weight tracker for mom and baby, kick counter, contraction timer, journal and more.

  • Kale: Some like it hot; some like it raw; some like it not at all

    Do you kale?
    The green vegetable is skyrocketing in popularity – among some people.
    Nutritionists tout its vitamin value.
    A one cup serving of kale has 134 percent of the daily recommended amount of Vitamin C, 204 percent of Vitamin A and a whopping 684 percent for Vitamin K.
    (Who knew there was a Vitamin K?)
    Vitamin A helps make for healthy hair and skin.
    Vitamin C helps fight cancer.
    Vitamin K, or more specifically K1, which is found in leafy green vegetables, helps blood clot, preventing excessive bleeding.

  • Flu deaths increase across the state

    By Mark Manicone
    Landmark News Service

    South Carolina recorded 17 flu deaths in the week ending Jan. 20, up from nine the week before, according to the S.C. Department Health and Environmental Control.
    For the 2017-18 flu season, 46 people have died across the state.
    DHEC does not release county-by-county figures, so it’s unclear if Chesterfield has had any flu deaths.

  • United Way taking grant applications

    The United Way of Chesterfield County has two immediate needs:
    Income, as in donations.
    Outcomes, as in applicants for its grants. Feb. 23 is the deadline to apply for 2018 grants. The grants will be awarded in April.
    The Chesterfield County United Way usually has about $40,000 to allocate for grants. Typically about 20 groups receive funding. The largest grant is about $2,000.
    Applicants seeking $500 or less can file an “express” application. If approved, express applicants get their funds in a lump sum.

  • S.C. drunk driving reforms lag, says MADD

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    COLUMBIA – South Carolina’s drunk driving reform efforts are below average, according to a recent survey by Mothers Against Drunk Driving.
    South Carolina received 2.5 stars on the 5-star rating scale. The national average for states was 2.9 stars.
    “With our record of being among the worst in the nation for drunk driving fatalities, this report is another reminder that many of these life-saving improvements are right in front of us,” said Steven Burritt, executive director for MADD South Carolina. 

  • Senior Spotlight: Arelia B. Tyson

    Age: 78
    Town:  Pageland
    Family:  Five sons, one daughter, 16 grandchildren, and 12 great grandchildren (One son and granddaughter are deceased.)
    Church: Faith Assembly of Christ, Monroe, N.C.
    Occupation/Retired from: Currently a seamstress; retired from Whispering Pines
    Favorite meal: Fried chicken, cabbage, okra and cornbread
    Favorite TV show:  “Reba” and “Charles Stanley Ministries”
    How you spend your days? Reading, sewing, cooking and watching television

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day: New ‘torch leaders’ must continue the journey

    Rev. Donald McAllister’s message was clear and simple – the struggle for civil rights for all people is not over.
    In a message that was part sermon, part song – and throughout strongly preached – McAllister said, “We’re still on the journey. We have not yet arrived.”
    “Even though the dreamer is gone, the dream lives on. We’re the torch leaders.”
    The crowd at the Clyburn Center in Pageland responded to McAllister’s message, standing and clapping.