• Nothing could be cuter!

    By Mark Manicone
    Landmark News Service

    A Chesterfield woman who specializes in animal rescues is raising a deer saved by Lancaster County Parks and Recreation workers last week.
    The workers found a tiny, female fawn alone, beside a Springdale Park creek swollen by heavy rains.

  • Statehouse vigil held for Easter murder victim

    About 40 people gathered on the grounds of the S.C. Capitol Sunday to honor Sasha Wall, reported to be the first transgender murder victim in the state this year.
    Wall was shot to death Easter morning in Chesterfield County. Wall’s body was found in a Toyota parked at the intersection of S.C. 145 and Sandy Plains Road near the N.C. state line.
    The Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Office initially reported the victim as Wendell Paul Price Jr., 29, of Airport Road near Pageland.

  • Turning stuff into treasures

    Several years ago, Darlene Medlin and her daughter in-law, Tammy Medlin, decided to redecorate their houses.
    The two spent a Saturday morning shopping at yard sales. Among the finds were a 6-foot teddy bear and a large rug.
    They put the bear and the rug, bent around the teddy bear’s neck, in their Chrysler LeBaron. Once the bear and the rug were in place, they filled every other available space in the car with the yard-sale finds.
    When they got home, they sent their husbands back with another vehicle to pick up the furniture they had purchased.

  • Senior Spotlight: Jamie L. Hildreth

    Age: 86 
    Town: Pageland
    Family: Kitty, wife; one daughter; one son; a deceased daughter; five grandchildren and two great grandchildren
    Church: Jefferson United Methodist Church
    Occupation/Semi-Retired from: Owner of H&H Towing for 44 years; worked with a Chevrolet dealer for 17 years
    Favorite meal: Ribeye steak, baked potato and a tossed salad

  • Pageland’s first taste a wing and a prayer

    At the first Taste of Pageland the band played for free, the flowers and tables were donated, the hostess provided her own home –  and she went dumpster diving for the tablecloths. They even barbequed a pig in the front yard.
    Sandra Greene had heard the Taste of Cheraw threw its used tablecloths into the garbage.
    “I went to Cheraw and got them out of the trash cans and washed them,” Greene said.  “They were bright yellow and very pretty.” she said.

  • Taste of Pageland celebrates 20th anniversary

    The Pageland Garden Club is preparing for the 20th anniversary of The Taste of Pageland.  The event is 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. May 5 at the White Plains Country Club.
    The Taste of Pageland features elegant flowers, food from a variety of vendors and entertainment.  Emerald green and white are official colors this year in honor of the Taste of Pageland anniversary.

  • Mother: Never settle, find the answers

    A Pageland mother of an autistic son says her journey to find a diagnosis and understand her child’s challenges, has been long and difficult.
    Most importantly she learned to “never, ever settle.” 
    “If you know there’s something ‘off’ with your child and you keep getting dismissed, keep going!  Find the answers!”
    Erika Smith’s journey started when her child was a baby. She knew something was different about him.

  • Daughter: Autism is a family crisis

    When Xanaa Myers was in second grade, she realized there was something different about her teenage brother.
    It was more than the usual older brother-younger sister differences.
    Her brother was easily agitated, kept to himself and didn’t seem to learn easily.
    His younger siblings realized “we knew more than him,” Xanaa said.
    In third grade, Xanaa tried to get her brother “to come out of his shell.” She decided to try what he liked, offering to play computer games with him.

  • Sheriff candidates stress school safety

    Candidates for Chesterfield County sheriff agree local schools are safe, but say more can still be done.
    Incumbent Sheriff Jay Brooks and challenger James Dixon recently discussed school safety in separate interviews with the Progressive Journal.
    They are running in the Democratic primary on June 20. No one else has filed to run for sheriff.
    They agree having a law enforcement presence in our schools in critical. Currently there are school resource officers in the high schools and middle schools.

  • Black, white Pageland men deployed to Europe for WWI

    One hundred years ago today, April 24, David Johnson, Lonnie Myers and Lemboston Seegars of Pageland awoke for their first day in France as members of the 371st Infantry Regiment.
    The men, all 22, had been farmers in Pageland. In France, they were noncommissioned officers. Myers was a sergeant. Johnson and Seegars were corporals.
    After they arose and squared themselves away, they went to the duties, getting the other 142 men of Company G awake and ready.