• Union Hill Missionary Baptist Church: 100 years of faithful service

    When Union Hill Missionary Baptist Church recently celebrated its 100th-year anniversary, Pageland Mayor Jason Evans observed the milestone meant 5,200 Sunday morning services, 5,200 Wednesday night services, 5,200 Thursday night services.
    “That’s 15,600 opportunities for service to this community,” Evans said.
    For 100 years that service has been based on faith and family.
    The church, established in 1918, is continually evolving and attracting new members.

  • Guardian ad Litem program gives children a voice

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    When Chesterfield County resident Duncan Hanna retired in June 2016, he wanted a way to give back to his community.
    His wife recommended the Guardian ad Litem program.
    Hanna recently celebrated his one-year anniversary with the program. During that time he has advocated for eight children.
    Hanna said he picked the Guardian ad Litem program over other volunteer opportunities because he wanted to be able to speak for someone who could not speak for themselves.

  • Senior Spotlight: Alvin L. Padgett

    Age: 70
    Town: Pageland
    Family: One daughter and three grandchildren
    Church/faith: Pentecostal
    Occupation/Retired from: Driving a truck
    Favorite meal: Venison, asparagus, squash and broccoli
    Favorite TV show: “MASH”
    How you spend your days? Playing solitaire on the computer and going to yard sales and flea markets
    Where is the last place you traveled? I went to Ludington, Mich., where I am originally from. Most of my family members live there.

  • Whispers In The Stacks

    By Michael Kaltwang
    Library Director

    Happy March to you all. So many great things happen in March – Dr. Seuss’s birthday was March 2. Daylight Savings Time starts March 11. St. Patrick’s Day is March 17. The first day of Spring is March 20. 
    March is also “International Women’s History Month,” “National Craft Month,” and “Youth Art Month.” 
    What better way to celebrate these days or events, than to visit your local library?

  • Rev. Graham simple and sincere, says former co-worker

    For three years, if you wanted to reach Billy Graham by phone in the evening, you had to get past Mary Davis Dale of Pageland.
    A student at the University of North Carolina Asheville, her part-time job was to answer the phone at Graham’s office in Montreat, N.C.
    From 5 to 10 p.m., she screened calls from notables as well as those who just wanted to see if they could talk with the evangelist.
    She became part of the office staff that dealt closely with Graham and his wife, Ruth. She fondly remembers the moments she shared with them.

  • John C. Pitts: A man of dignity and song

    John C. Pitts is being remembered as a church leader who reached out to people’s souls through song and sustenance. 
    “If you could name it, he probably had done it all,” said the Rev. Evan Willis, current pastor of the Pageland Seventh Day Adventist Church.  “He had the heart of a missionary and was desirous of seeing souls saved.”
    Pitts recently died at 84.
    Pitts had a consuming interest in music and health.

  • S.C. searching state for deadly bat fungus

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    The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources  is conducting its annual hibernating bat counts and testing bats and their “hibernacula” – places where bats hibernate – for Pseudogymnoascus destructans, the fungus that causes white-nose syndrome.
    White-nose syndrome is a fungal disease which has devastated bat populations since it was first documented in 2009. It has killed more than 6 million bats in North America.

  • More hangars for airport? Town Council considering idea

    A proposal to add hangars at “PYG” could be the next big step for the town’s single runway airport.
    Currently there are six privately owned hangars at the Pageland airport, which has the locator “PYG.” 
    A proposal considered by the town council recently could add “three, four, maybe more,” hangars, said town manager Cecil Kimrey.

  • Senior Spotlight: Myrtle D. Robinson

    Age: 74
    Town:  Pageland
    Family: Four sons, one daughter, 13 grandchildren and four great grandchildren
    Church: Union Hill Missionary Baptist Church
    Occupation/Retired from: Home health aide/17 years
    Favorite meal: All kinds of vegetables
    Favorite TV show: “The Young and the Restless”
    How you spend your days?  I am a volunteer for the youth program at my church. I also volunteer at the Door of Hope food pantry on Wednesdays and Fridays, and I visit the elderly and shut-ins on Fridays and Saturdays.

  • Packed schedule for 13th-annual Native American Studies Week

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    Native Americans’ pursuit of political, economic and civil rights will be the main focus as USC Lancaster’s Native American Studies Center hosts its 13th-annual Native American Studies Week in mid-March.