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  • GUEST COLUMN: Pageland chamber unveils its 3-year plan

    The Pageland Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to the revitalization of Historic Downtown Pageland and the small local business and industries that make up that area. 
    When I assumed the role of President of the Pageland Chamber of Commerce, I made the commitment to the economic development, promotion and well being of the businesses here in Pageland.  This included not only the large Industries, but the small local businesses that make up the chamber membership.

  • EDITOR'S COLUMN: Looking for our unsung heroes

    Who are the unsung people who quietly make Pageland a better place?
    Is it the person who picks up trash in your neighborhood?
    Is it the person who gives you a smile as they help you with your groceries or take your order at a local restaurant?
    Is someone in your civic club or church group who is always there to give of his or her time or talent?
    When we asked for nominations last week of people who have gone above and beyond for Pageland those were the people we wanted to reach – the people who make a difference without making the headlines.

  • A new home for your Christmas Tree?

    From release
    Discarded Christmas trees are being used by the state as fish attractors at South Carolina reservoirs.
    Discarded trees can be put to good use for fish or wildlife, such as erosion control or as brush piles to provide resting and cover for small animals.
    Brush piles constructed of Christmas trees can help birds such as sparrows, towhees and wrens, quail and rabbits.

  • A New Year’s resolution for everyone

    From Rx WikiNews
    Most people make – and then promptly forget – New Year’s resolutions.
    Here is one resolution that will help you, your family and everyone around you.
    Properly wash your hands.
    Proper hand hygiene can help reduce:
    - The number of young children who get sick.
    - The number of people who get sick with diarrhea by about 23 to 40 percent.
    - Diarrheal illness in people with HIV by about 58 percent.

  • EDITOR'S COLUMN: Renewing our promises

    Renewals are an important part of our business. It means our readers value what we do and are willing to invest in our product.
    As we celebrate the New Year, it is also time to celebrate another renewal, to renew our promise to our readers to cover what matters most to our community.
    That’s a pretty broard scope.
    It could be a youth football game, a school play, a beauty pageant or a graduation.
    It could be matters before town and county councils where tax dollars are being spent. Accountability is essential.

  • Whispers in the Stacks: January 2019 Edition

    By Michael Kaltwang
    Library Director
    Happy New Year!  
    As you make your New Year’s resolutions, challenge yourself to visit your local public library more often (diet and exercise not required).  
    Library staff members are working hard to make 2019 a great year for our patrons.  

  • McLeod Health Cheraw does total knee replacements

    From release
    CHERAW – The McLeod Health Cheraw orthopedic surgery team recently performed its 46th total knee replacement procedure.
    Total knee replacement surgery is a surgical procedure used to resurface the knee joint with metal and plastic.
    The articulating surfaces of the tibia and femur, as well as the cartilage, are removed and resurfaced with metal.
    The original cartilage is replaced with a plastic version.

  • NETC director presents at national conference

    From release
    Northeastern Technical College’s Derk Riechers recently presented during the 2018 Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges annual conference in New Orleans.
    Riechers is the director of dual enrollment and multiple modalities at NETC.
    The conference focuses on accreditation process issues. It is also a chance to about best practices at other institutions. .

  • Passion and perfection at A Gathering Place

    One of Pageland’s newest business owners says she can help you create “that new gathering place in your home.”
    Karen Ekwue owns A Gathering Place: Custom Farmhouse Furniture and Home Accessories at 104 N. Pearl St..  The store specializes in refinished and upholstered farmhouse furniture. She will also refinish and upholster antique furniture customers bring to the store if it is something she can do herself.
    “When I look at furniture that needs tender loving care, I see what it can be,” she said.

  • New Guardian ad Litem sworn in

    From release
    The Rev. Timothy Johnson of Cheraw was recently sworn in to serve as a Guardian ad Litem volunteer in Chesterfield County.
    The Rev. Johnson joins other dedicated community volunteers who have been trained and are advocating for foster children in the Family Court system. As officers of the court, they ensure that the children’s needs are recognized and best interests are considered both in the courtroom and in the community.