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  • Feature narrows fugitive list to six

    CHESTERFIELD COUNTY—And then there were six.

    The number of probation violators continues to dwindle here after authorities took into custody a Chesterfield County man who remained at-large nearly five months.

    Ashley Dunlap, 25, who appeared in the July 6 issue of The Progressive Journal’s, “Most Wanted” feature, turned himself over to Chesterfield County Probation, Parole and Pardon Services last Sunday.

  • County officials seek charges against sign thieves, vandals

    County officials want to crack down on residents swiping street signs after cameras recently captured video of a man delivering a truckload of damaged signs to the public works compound.

    Missing signs cost money and time to replace.

    It’s an annoyance for motorists and could prove fatal, officials said.

    “If EMS isn’t familiar with an area and find a street sign, this could be a matter of life or death,” said Tim Eubanks, Chesterfield County Public Works director.

  • Town chances on surplus generator

    JEFFERSON — The town could save upwards of $33,000 on a generator that may not work.

    Jefferson Town Council voted to purchase a used 120-kilowatt generator for the sewer system, at a cost of $6,500, as a replacement for one that died six months ago.

    The generator would keep the sewer plant operable should its main power source fail, he said.

    Jefferson’s sewer system – which is operating on a Department of Health and Environmental Control consent order to improve its facilities – is required to replace its dead generator.


    PAGELAND — Chesterfield County has about 1,600 miles of dirt roads, according to estimates from the South Carolina Department of Transportation.

    That’s roughly the distance from here to Denver, Colo.

    Some of those roads twist through thousands of acres of federal and state land – others cut through town limits.

    The roads can often be difficult to travel – especially in rainy conditions when deluges wash out sections of sand, stranding, stalling or sinking motorists.

    What’s worse?


    PAGELAND—Motorists here could see a few smoother miles of county roadways – Duncan, Sale Barn and Oro Church roads will be resurfaced with asphalt-coated concrete, according to reports from transportation officials.

    Contract bids for the projects will be collected within the next weeks, says Chesterfield County Public Works Director Tim Eubanks.

    Paving could begin as early as this fall.


     It’s been so long since parking lines were marked along downtown’s Maple Street, one business owner can’t remember if it had parallel or angled spaces.

    Pageland Councilman Jimmie Baker suggested lines be redrawn on North Maple Street near Mickey’s Restaurant to ease confusion over parking.

    That’s welcome news to Randy Griffin, owner of Mickey’s Restaurant, 114 N. Maple St., who believes new parking lines could improve customer satisfaction for businesses along the commercial corridor.


    At the center of the annual Watermelon Festival is the parade.

    It’s not just any ordinary parade one would see in Chesterfield County — it’s the largest.

    Clocking in at 1 hour and 4 minutes, the parade was viewed by thousands of spectators lined along McGregor Street.

    “It was hot, humid and noisy but I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” said Pageland resident Jessica Hendrix.

    Along with locals, the Wateremelon Festival drew people well outside the county line.


    In sudden death, it was old school versus new.

    In a highly rare tie, seed-spitting veteran Andy McManus and first-year challenger Tony Alverez went head to head during Saturday’s annual festival games with Alvarez emerging the victor at 23 feet.

    “I was worried about the seed just falling out of my mouth ,” said Alvarez, whose recent marriage relocated him to Pageland three months ago.

    Alvarez and winners of the annual contests received a prize packet plus a custom champion shirt and are invited next year to defend their title.


    A flame-patterned onesie proved a smoking sensation Saturday when a stiletto-clad model strutted down the catwalk in it — then disengaged a small prop-grenade before leaping into the arms of a shirtless man. The pair disappeared in a cloud of smoke, spurring “oohs and aahs” from a crowd of onlookers at the inaugural Silk Falsetto Fashion Show.

  • DIXIE YOUTH BASEBALL: Jefferson All-Stars fall early in bid for state title

    After finishing a perfect regular season and clinching the district title the Jefferson Dixie Boys All-Stars were snuffed from the state tournament this weekend, suffering back-to-back losses at Patriot Park in Sumter.

    North Augusta defeated Jefferson 13-5 in the first round of the state tournament, Saturday. Jefferson lost 6-5 to Hilton Head Sunday in the second round.

    “I though we played OK, we didn’t play great,” said coach Tim Sullivan. “We were in position to win the first game, but things blew up on us.”