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  • Progressive Journal publishes book on 2008 Eagles football season

    The Pageland Progressive Journal’s 2008 Central Eagles Yearbook is now available for purchase.

    The yearbook includes every story published by The Progressive Journal on the most recent football season, with stories and profiles dating from the preseason all the way up to the team’s bid for state champions.

  • Police plan public meeting for one of town’s most dangerous neighborhoods

    PAGELAND — More than a year has passed when spent shells and spilled blood decorated portions of North Elm.

    Still, the violent calls come in and Pageland Police Dept. wants to squash the numbers.

    You can help.

    Pageland Police Dept. will host an open forum slated 6 p.m. Jan. 29 at Pageland Community Center for town residents on curbing crime within the Petersburg area

    “Overall, major violence is down in 2008,” said Pageland Police Asst. Chief Larry Brown. “But we’ve still had minor infractions of violence.”

  • The Mindless, Starry-eyed Cult of Obama

    There isn’t one. There never was.

    In the political parlance of President-elect Obama’s competitors for the Oval Office, both Democratic and Republican, the notion of a new American cultism was born. The enormous grass-roots campaign for change, inspired by Barack Obama’s vision for the nation, was quickly (and rather cynically) tweaked by his opponents, redefined as a gaggle of glassy-eyed geese who could not think for themselves.

  • Two women charged with stealing $5,000 from ATM

    PAGELAND — Two Pennsylvania women are accused of rigging an ATM making off with more than $5,000.

    Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Office charged Robin Marie Powell, 32, of Johnstown, Pa., and step-daughter Star E. Darcangelo, 33, of Windber, Pa., with fraudulent transaction card theft for altering an ATM at In & Out Mini-Mart, outside of Pageland, walking away with $5,800.

    “They were trained to change the manufacturer dispenser to spit out more 20s from the machine,” said Sgt. Wayne Jordan, sheriff’s department investigator.

  • Breaking News Alleged kidnapper captured

    Law enforcement captured a bank robbery suspect in Georgia who allegedly kidnapped the mother of his child.

    Taj Maruice Pittman, 33, was located Tuesday evening in Atlanta after he reportedly took a woman from her Cheraw apartment Monday night.

  • Suspects sought in home invasion

    CHESTERFIELD - A lunchtime home invasion on S.C. Highway 145 quickly turned into a gun fight last week.

    Around 11:25 a.m on Jan. 30, two unidentified men tried to break into a home on Hwy 145 South. The suspects might have been wounded when the resident opened fire on them.

    Deputies say the unidentified men are both black and were last seen driving a gold or bronze color Jeep Cherokee Laredo. The vehicle might also have been damaged by gunshots.

  • ‘No quick fix’ for troubled Pageland community

    PAGELAND - However residents in the Petersburg community attempt to reverse crime stats, it won’t happen overnight.

    And, odds are, changes will have to be made from within.

    “Everybody has to play a part and there is a part for you to play,” said J.R. Green, former Central principal and co-founder of Boys to Men that aims at turning young black males from self-destructive paths. “There is no quick fix or easy solution, have to do it one person at a time. Some might lose but we’re going to try to do our best.”

  • Hope is a valuable commodity

    The cynic in me wants to dismiss Barack Obama as another political hack who stumbled into the White House.

    This has nothing to do with anything Obama has said or done. But I’ve been burned by so many politicians in the past that I’m a bit hesitant to express any affection at this stage in the relationship. Idolatry can be as destructive as apathy.

  • Executive excess is bailout banditry

    From the Associated Press: Of the unregulated Bush $350 billion bailout for banks, at least $1.6 billion went to bank execs: cash bonuses, chauffeurs, country club memberships and the like. “The total amount given to nearly 600 executives would cover the bailout costs for 53 of the 116 banks that have so far accepted tax dollars to boost their bottom lines,” AP reports.

  • Reader tips lead to ‘Most Wanted’

    Chesterfield County’s Most Wanted returned to the pages of The Progressive Journal last week and immediately lead to an arrest.

    Ronnie Melton, 49, of Mt. Croghan, had been convicted of distribution of crack cocaine and was wanted by authorities for violation of his community supervision program.