• LETTER: Alcohol doesn't belong at wholesome, family event

    Dear Editor:
    As a body of believers in the Holy Bible and thus servants of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Great Commission of Matthew 28:19-20; it is not only our desire, but our responsibility to speak out against recent proposals set before the town of Pageland.
    In the Progressive Journal’s April 23rd edition two front-page articles greatly troubled our members and citizens of the Pageland area.

  • LETTER: No banning churches on downtown streets

    I’m responding to the April 23 article “Can Pageland ban churches from downtown to promote business growth?’’ The answer to this question should be “no.”
    First of all, to ban churches from downtown is discrimination. We often hear the word “discrimination” thrown around, but in the case of banning churches from Main Street, that is exactly the case.

  • LETTER: McLeod Hospice is a Blessing

    The caregivers at McLeod Hospice in Cheraw are compassionate people who made a difficult time for our family more bearable. 
    We had excellent physicians, especially Dr. Andre Dyer, who alleviated our distress. 
    The social workers helped guide us through various situations. 
    The nurses checked on us around the clock and others provided basic and necessary needs such as pain management and comfort for my sister/niece. 

  • LETTER: April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

    Dear Editor:
    The theme for Sexual Assault Awareness Month is “I Ask,” and it focuses on consent.
    Consent is what can change a sexual encounter into sexual assault. When someone gives consent, they are giving permission for something to happen or agreeing to do something.
    April is also Child Abuse Prevention Month.
    Child abuse is harm or neglect of a child by another person, whether adult or another child. Child abuse can be physical, emotional, sexual, or neglect. Abuse can cause serious injury to the child and may even result in death.

  • LETTER: The costs of trash and litter

    Dear Editor,
    In 2014, the American Society for Public Administration ranked South Carolina as the dirtiest state.
    The problem seems to only be getting worse. 
    Have you noticed the trash along our roads in Chesterfield County?
    Are you still throwing out trash since the roadside is already trashy?
    Littering in Chesterfield County comes with fines, probation and even possible jail time.
    Not only is it illegal, it is detrimental to your property value.

  • LETTER: Ministry leaders extend their thanks

    Dear Editor,

    The members of Sky is the Limit Outreach Ministry, 615 S. Pearl St., would like to thank all the sponsors of our “Feeding one family at a time” food outreach to needy families during the Thanksgiving holiday. Sponsors included C.M. Tucker Lumber Co., State Farm of Pageland, Strafford Home Health Care, Lynches River Electric Co-op, Riverstone Renovations, Charlotte, and Open Arm Ministry, Monroe.

    Pastor Claude and Pamela Moore

  • Letter to the Editor

    I was very happy to see people start picking up and cleaning up after Storm Florence.
    On Sept. 22, people were out and helping one another.
    Of the many activities going on the one that stood out for me was one for all children.
    At Very’s Salon in Chesterfield a group feed about 200 chidlren. The event was organized by BEAVER G'S KIDS KOUNT.
    The people who made this happen were town council member  Latonya Myer,  Beaver G Lisenby, and Noah Mumford.
    The biggest thanks go out to all of the people that donated so much food.

  • LETTER: Vandalized graves at Pageland cemetary

    Dear Editor,
    It is a shame that some people have nothing better or productive to do with their lives but to go to a cemetery and vandalize graves.
    Recently my sister and niece went to visit our parents grave only to find that someone had broken items we had placed on their graves.
    My sister and I went returned to the graves the next day to place new flowers for our mother’s birthday and had to pick up items that had been placed on the graves.

  • Letter to the Editor

    Dear Editor:

    In October 2016, fifty-nine years after the truce with North Korea was signed, Congress passed, and President Obama signed a resolution allowing a Wall of Remembrance to be erected at the site of the Korean War Memorial in Washington, D. C. 

    The Wall will have the names of the 37,000+ Americans that were killed in action (KIA), missing in action (MIA), or were prisoners of war during the Korean War engraved in it, much like the Vietnam Wall. 

    No federal funding was provided for the Wall. Private money must pay for it.

  • LETTER: Expressing thanks to honest Pageland residents

    Dear Editor,

    I would like to express my sincere thanks to the honesty of two fellow residents in Pageland.

    A few days ago, I was on my way out of town and I made two stops. I stopped first by First Palmetto Bank and then dropped mail off at the Pageland  Post Office. 

    During my traveling I realized I was missing something. 

    I began to say,  "Lord, It's in your Hands". 

    I made another stop to call the Pageland Post Office to explain what had happened.