• Festival thank you

    Maxie Clark would like to thank the Pageland Watermelon Festival and Lynn’s Cafe for the opportunity to set up and sell watermelons during the recent festival. Clark recorded brisk sales.

  • Letter: "Death Party" does not exist

    Dear Editor,

    Hillary Clinton has called the Republican Party the “Death Party.” This is absolutely ridiculous. Republicans breathe the same air as Democrats. They drink the same water, eat the same food and use the same medical and legal systems as Democrats and the rest of our population.

  • Lions are symbols, not idols, to honor God

    To the editor,

    A Greenville man was arrested for vandalizing lion statues at Miller Road’s Yahweh Congregation’s property because he thought they were idols.

    In the Old Testament, YHWH was God’s name. The Israelites felt they would dishonor God if they spelled it out with all the letters of the holy name of Yahweh.

    With that in the name of this place, I am assuming it is a place of worship. In the Old Testament, God is titled “The Lion of Judah.”

  • Thanks for help with publicity for Von Trapp concert

    To the editor,

    All across our wonderful Chesterfield County, the young, old and young at heart enjoy and express wholesome art in uplifting and beautiful ways.

    Thank you, Progressive Journal, for the considerate and generous manner in which you wrote skillfully and sensitively in reporting on the then upcoming Feb. 22 concert of voice and guitar by Elisabeth von Trapp at Shiloh United Methodist Church.

    An emotional good time occurred, and we are grateful for the public’s attendance and the paper’s help in spreading the word.

  • Craig House renovations possible due to community and business support


    Guest column

    In the midst of a most contentious political season, I write to celebrate the results of what happens when a community comes together to serve.

    The Oct. 27 Celebration of Hope at the grand re-opening of the refurbished W.D. Craig House demonstrated the commitment of the volunteer-driven Pee Dee Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Assault to preserve the past and protect the future.

  • Springhill administrator counts her many blessings

    To the editor,

    As I reflect this Thanksgiving season on my many blessings, I think about how blessed I am to have Hospice of Chesterfield County in my life.

    Not only have they provided excellent hospice care for several of my family members and some of my residents over the years, their purchase of Springhill Assisted Living in 2014 allows my parent’s vision for assisted living in the Pageland area to continue. 

  • Hospice care is the greatest of these

    To the editor,

    It is November and this is Hospice month. Hospice of Chesterfield County is amazing.  I can definitely speak from my heart about these wonderful people because I have had six family members that were under their care during the past several years.

    I can truly say not one, but all six times, I was thankful for them.  The care and outpouring of love they had for our sick loved ones was wonderful.

  • Salem Women appreciative of support for cancer walk

    To the editor,

    Salem United Methodist Women held its cancer walk on Oct. 22. We would like to thank everyone for your support to make our second annual 5K Cancer Walk/Run for Life a success.

    Thank you to the following sponsors, churches and personal donors for all of your support.

  • Hospice helped me to keep my husband at home

    To the editor,

    November is Hospice Awareness Month.

    Having recently experienced their help with my beloved husband, Jimmy Airington, I would like to thank Hospice of Chesterfield County and each one of them for their dedication to their work.

    I could never have kept my husband at home without their help. He had pulmonary fibrosis, as well as bladder cancer. After the cancer surgery, he developed MRSA in the hospital as well as pneumonia.

  • Honoring our vets by providing improving their health care

    To the editor,

    The 11th hour of the 11th day in the 11th month of 1918 is a day in history that marked the end of major conflicts for those who had served during World War 1. 

    Since that day of Armistice, which ended the hostilities between the allied nations and Germany in 1918, veterans from all services have found themselves face-to-face with enemies while protecting our nation and our allies.