• furr letter

    Citizen deserves



    Letter to Editor:  After reading about the arrest of Steve Sowell for helpingsomeone that was carjacked at gunpoint (Progressive Journal, Nov. 9), I'd like to give him a commendation!


  • The Few, The Proud, The Best

    In Honor of The Marines

    Marines are made of skin and bone,

    and hardened into steel;

    Of many parts with pumping hearts,

    they’re not supposed to feel.

    Immune to pain,

    and ice and rain,

    they refuse to bend or kneel.

    But kneel they do,

    on grass or pew,

    as they bend their heads in sorrow;

    they recall their friends

    who met their ends;

    they won’t muster up tomorrow.

    How many flags

    O’er how many lands,

  • Candidate withdraws from election

    After careful consideration, I have decided to withdraw from the District 6 Town Council race.

    After finding out that Johnny Knight had filed for the seat, I decided that with the many activities I am currently involved with, it would be best to leave this seat to someone with the necessary time to do the job as it should be done.

    After speaking with Johnny Knight, I feel confident that he will give 100% effort for the good of Pageland. He will have my support as he campaigns for the District 6 Town Council position.

    Janet Mangum

  • Leaird responds

    Dear Editor:

    After reading Mr. Caldwell's letter last week I felt a response was needed.Mr. Caldwell is a little more than a concerned member. He is, in fact, the husband of a retired Lynches River Electric employee. The real trouble began years back when the Board and management decided that a increased cost in health insurance would be shared by employees and retired employees alike. This was a decision that was made in an effort to hold down cost at Lynches River. This is the fuel for Mr. Caldwell's demise.


  • Guard against fire

    Dear Editor:

  • Dereliction of duty

    Dear Editor:

    Whee! John Spratt is on early recess so he can campaign for another term in Congress. He did not do the work he was sent there to do last time! 1) No budget this year; 2) no action on expiring tax cuts so the largest tax hike in history will hit everybody on December 31; and 3) no action appropriations bill. Spratt needs to read the US Constitution again! He's ending a failed term so he can parade and campaign, instead of doing some actual work. I'll be voting for Mick Mulvaney on November 2 and hope you do, too.

    David and Sandra Greene

  • Pay attention

    Dear Editor:

    In this economic environment, we keep hearing of possible "excessive" compensation packages of the Chesterfield County Council, Lynches River Electric Cooperative Board and the Sandhill Telephone Cooperative Board.

  • Spratt must go

    If you ever had an ounce of appreciation or gratitude for John Spratt I imagine he has now squandered it. Rather than recognize that he is no longer the man for job he is clinging to what will be a terrible defeat. Spratt has been recognized as one of the Democrat incumbents likely to lose in November.