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  • EDITOR'S COLUMN: Celebrating the CCCC

    It is appropriate that a decision made in a jury room of the Chesterfield County Courthouse is having a long-term effect.
    Juries, after all, often hold someone’s future in their hands. We would like to think juries make the right, just, and long-lasting decision.
    That jury room discussion was about those in need in Chesterfield County.
    Twenty-five years later, the Chesterfield County Coordinating Council – the group formed from that jury room discussion – continues to meet the needs of those in need.

  • EDITOR'S COLUMN: Lesson on the walk up the mountain

    How much progress have we made in the past 50 years since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in Memphis? Have we reached the mountaintop? Is the dream still alive? 

    That progress, in many ways, is simply about shoes – as in “you have not walked in my shoes.”

    It works both ways; you have not walked in MY shoes. 

    The challenge is having a conversation where we agree to agree, agree to disagree and agree on what we can work together to change.

  • EDITOR'S COLUMN: Our goals for 2018

    February 4 marks the beginning of the year of the Brown Earth Dog – if you follow Chinese astrology.

    The dog is one of twelve Chinese astrological symbols. There are also five elements and five colors that must be considered. 

    So 2018 is the year of the Brown Earth Dog. 

    Typically, those born under the dog sign are communicative, good listeners, serious, responsible, and have a deep sense of justice. 

    The Progressive Journal values those traits.

  • EDITOR'S COLUMN: Santa, newsmen share bond

    Santa Claus is one of the hardest people in the business to interview.
    There is no question he hasn’t been asked.
    His answers, while heartfelt, lack specifics.
    We know he lives at the North Pole, but exactly where? We know he travels by sleigh, but how does it fly so far so quickly?
    How can he get all those presents to all the children, all over the world, in just one night?
    His answers are just a twinkle of his eye.

  • EDITOR'S COLUMN: Ready to buy that tree? Here’s what you need to consider

    Christmas, it’s the most wonderful time of the year – if you know how to deal with stress.
    There are so many questions and it’s seldom a yes-no choice.
    How do you pick the perfect tree, the perfect gift, plan the perfect dinner, and pick the perfect outfit?
    It gets more complicated when more people are making the decisions. Asking children rarely leads to consensus.
    It is also the classic left brain-right brain situation.

  • EDITOR'S COLUMN: Thanksgiving traditions waning?

    Be it recipes or retail shopping, the routines of Thanksgiving were once sacred. Families religiously did the same thing year after year without question. 

    In 2017, Thanksgiving is still a time for family, but the date, time and place are negotiable. 

  • PUBLISHER'S COLUMN: We are your ‘Main Street media’

    I am beyond honored to join this group of individuals who have led the National Newspaper Association to where we are today. Over 2,000 members strong, representing communities from the East Coast to the West Coast.

    I’m a proud small-town community newspaper publisher from South Carolina who has been mentored by many great people over the 32 years I have worked in this industry – some of them in this room. One of my mentors, David Ernest, recently passed away. I had the privilege of working with him for 10 years.

  • EDITOR'S COLUMN: District 5 residents, please vote

    On Nov. 7 voters in District 5 of Pageland will go to the polls to decide between incumbent Elaine Robertson and challenger Charles Knight.
    With 223 registered voters in the district, every vote is the potential tiebreaker.
    Yes one, or just a few, votes can make the difference in this race.
    Anyone who has reported on politics has their favorite close-election stories.

  • Vaping declining among American teens

    By Sharon Sweatt

    For the Progressive Journal 

    Vaping is declining among American teens, according to HealthDay News. 

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention began tracking e-cigarette use by teens in 2011. When “vaping” began, overall tobacco use declined among high school and middle school students. 

  • Commentary: Old school resource popular option in fake news debate

    When it comes to fake news, we need a new word, says Ernest Wiggins, journalism professor at the University of South Carolina.

    News is something that is observed, researched and verified, he said. 

    Fake news seldom has these qualities. Fake news can be entertaining. It can be sarcastic. It can inflame. Seldom does it inform.  

    The term has used so much that it lacks definition. The phrase is defined by either the author, or the reader, -- and often they don’t agree.