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  • Let’s make America kind again

    I’m a crier of happy moments. If I witness an act of kindness, I sometimes boo-hoo like a baby.

    Recently, I’ve seen a few Facebook posts from people who have been the recipients of random acts of kindness.

    The posts are generally after a major incident or news event occurs that tends to polarize the country. For example, after the shooting of an unarmed black man, one of my friends posted that a white woman, out of the blue, paid for her gas.

    It made my friend feel like her life mattered that day.

  • Chief Brown: The end of an era marked by grace



  • When silence is not always golden

    For four months now, the town of Pageland has been left in the dark as to why its police chief is on paid administrative leave.

    For four months, concerned citizens have poured into Council Chambers seeking answers. They have appointed representatives to speak on behalf of the majority.

  • Editorial - And we're left to wonder why

    I’m really glad my last couple of columns here have been on happy subjects, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Because the news is not always good and this, my firends, is one of those times.
    A crazed gunman goes into a Conneticut elementary school and murders 26 young children, this after killing his own mother at home, a woman who was a teacher at that school.

  • Editorial - Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas! I mean it. Merry Christmas! It seems more and more these days that phrase is being shunned in favor of the more “politically correct” phrase, Happy Holidays. Happy Holidays is a great phrase, too, as it covers all the holidays that coincide with this time of the year, and I have nothing against saying Happy Holidays or having it said to me.

  • 11 years ago

    I’m confident, no, I’m sure we all remember what happened in U.S. History 11 years ago today. I think I’m safe in saying it was the darkest day in this nation’s existence. We were shocked, we were horrified, we were outraged, we were confused ... we were a lot of things all at once.

    A lot has happened since Sept. 11, 2001 and overall the world is a safer place. The biggest event of all surely was the “neutralizing” of Osama bin Laden. His day ended on May 2 of last year with more holes in his body than he woke up with. Amen.

  • What do you want to see?

    At The Progressive Journal we realize that people buy and read the local newspaper for many different reasons. What are your reasons for reading, or not reading, the newspaper? We would like to know.

  • Editorial - Are we going to the dogs?

    Going to the dogs. It’s an old cliche that basically means something is not as successful as it once was, that it’s failing. But here in Pageland that phrase has taken on a much more literal meaning over the past several weeks and months.

  • Do they really mean it?

    It’s an American tradition, especially in the south and especially in the Carolinas. It’s NASCAR season and it’s back this week with the 53rd running of the Daytona 500. To many people it’s a bigger event than the Super Bowl.

  • Editorial - Let’s all take good care of our future

    Reading. It is the basis for all other education. Think about it. If you can’t read, how can you understand a math book, a science book or a history book? You wouldn’t. That’s why all educators know that reading is at the core of all learning. Remember the “three R’s?” It’s no accident that the first one is reading.
    The Progressive Journal appreciates our readers. Without you, we don’t have a reason to be here. We thank you all for learning to read.