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  • Editorial, Sept. 27, 2011, "Mind Your Own Business"

    Although we’re pretty sure Hank Williams wasn’t the first guy to come up with the phrase “Mind Your Own Business,” he wrote a mighty fine song about it and it seems especially appropriate lately.
    It comes as somewhat of a shock, although no surprise at all, that a local middle school principal has come under scrutiny and some criticism for a Christian-based assembly held at his school.

  • Editorial - Time to Give

    It’s been a rather short summer, made memorable by record-breaking heatwave. And as with each passing year, it goes by faster than the one before. At least that’s how it feels. Funny how there are still 24 hours in a day, seven days in a week, 30 or so days in a month, but they pick up speed faster and faster as the years go by.

  • Editorial - The Power of Prayer

    There can be no doubt that spirituality plays a huge role in our day-to-day lives here in Pageland and the surrounding area. Just look at the number of churches and houses of worship are in Chesterfield County. They number in the hundreds.

  • Where our priorities lie, part 2

    In last week’s editorial, we questioned the apparent priorities of some people to be more concerned about animals than children, as was demonstrated by far higher attendance at a county council meeting than at an event of the Youth Development Coalition.

  • Where our priorities lie

    It was great to see so many animal advocates turn out at last Wednesday’s meeting of the Chesterfield County Council. People in Chesterfield County and many from as far away places as New York attended the meeting to voice their concerns over the conditions at the county animal shelter and about the alleged dog shooting incident that occurred there in March.
    The heart of the matter is that nearly everyone who spoke did so advocating spay and neuter laws that would help control the animal population and help quell the problem at its source.

  • EDITORIAL: Tucker's innovation pays off in jobs

  • A black eye for all of us

     It’s wrong to rush to judgment until all the facts are in, so we’re not going to. But the allegations that Chesterfield County employees took dogs from the animal shelter to the landfill across the street, gunned them down and buried their carcasses is beyond disturbing, if true.

  • EDITORIAL: Scrap metal facility could be asset

    The Chesterfield County Zoning Board of Appeals did the right thing in granting two Pageland businessmen permission to open a scrap metal recycling operation just south of the town border on South Pearl Street.

  • Forces of uprising



    What’s all this in Egypt?

  • Chamber welcomes Sondra Price

     Along with its excellent and much appreciated coverage of the Pageland Chamber’s Annual Banquet, the Progressive Journal ran a brief mention of the new designation given to the Chamber’s one employee, Sondra Price. The Chamber appreciates that coverage also.

    I had planned to issue a news release concerning the change, but I sort of announced it at the banquet and Bill Moss, being the dedicated newsman he is, did his job and reported it. Here are a few points I intended to make in a news release.