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  • Forces of uprising



    What’s all this in Egypt?

  • Chamber welcomes Sondra Price

     Along with its excellent and much appreciated coverage of the Pageland Chamber’s Annual Banquet, the Progressive Journal ran a brief mention of the new designation given to the Chamber’s one employee, Sondra Price. The Chamber appreciates that coverage also.

    I had planned to issue a news release concerning the change, but I sort of announced it at the banquet and Bill Moss, being the dedicated newsman he is, did his job and reported it. Here are a few points I intended to make in a news release.

  • EDITORIAL: Co-op should reverse its land swap reversal

     The emerging majority of the Lynches River Electric Cooperative is intent on saving money and protecting the ratepayer. That’s a good thing.

    In one of its first actions, the faction that has run in the last two co-op elections on a reform platform voted to cut its pay in half, from $800 to $400 per meeting. That showed the reformers were serious about budget-cutting. It made a statement, and one ratepayers should welcome as a substantive response to last fall’s election.

  • Operation Care stresses importance of strelization

    To the Editor: Operation Care of Pageland is now scheduling transportation of dogs and cats to a low cost spay/neuter clinic.
    Cost of this service is $70 for each pet. This price includes a rabies vaccination. The exact date will be set when load is full. Maximum number is 30, so call today. Benefits of having your pet spayed or neutered include a healthier, happier pet and fewer unwanted pets being euthanized at area shelters.
    If you would like to send your pet please call Torrie at 843-634-5263 for more information.

  • EDITORIAL: Sewer line merits Mulvaney's support

    It was encouraging to read newly elected U.S. Rep. Mick Mulvaney’s commitment to constituent service and support for business.

    As Mulvaney points out in the column below, the man he defeated, U.S. Rep. John Spratt, was well-known for his strong service to those he represented during 14 terms in Washington. Spratt was swept out of office by the 2010 Republican landslide inspired in no small part by voters’ anger over congressional spending.

  • EDITORIAL: Green light, then caution on Town Hall move

    The surprise news that Lynches River Electric Cooperative offered its buildings and grounds to the town of Pageland in exchange for 15 acres across the highway presents Pageland with an opportunity.

    Town Council members emerged from a closed session last Tuesday night and announced that Lynches River had basically seen the town’s purchase price of $150,000 and raised it several hundred thousand dollars.

  • Letter to the Editor

     To the Editor: When reading your article about the Academic Bowl that was on page 2 of the December 7 Progressive Journal, I noticed what I am fairly certain is a mistake.

    Question 2 asks for the square root of the smallest prime

    number greater than 10 and the answer given is 4.  Four is the square

    root of 16, which is not a prime number.  A prime number has only 1 and

    itself as divisors.  The smallest prime number greater than 10 is 11 and

  • Eagle pride covers Pageland

    The Dillon Wildcats came out of the gate on Saturday afternoon looking every bit like the two-time state 2A champions that they were.

    In their all-black home uniforms, they leapt and snarled and punched the air, the Darth Vaders of prep football. Pride goeth before the fall.

    For 45 minutes, the two-time champions and the two-time runnerups played an even game. But when Dillon scored on a long pass play to take a 17-7 lead with 3:17 to go, it looked like history would repeat. The third time, alas, would not be the charm for the Eagles.

  • EDITORIAL: Eagles play inspires

    The scene in the small Spartanburg County town of Woodruff Friday night was all any high school football fan could ask for.

  • Take a moment to thank officers

    This Thanksgiving week there are plenty of worthy recipients of our thanks.

    Emergency medical personnel, nurses and aides at hospitals and retirement facilities, store clerks and lots of others work while many of us enjoy a day off.

    Law officers will be out on patrol too. They especially deserve our gratitude. Take a moment to consider the amazing story of a Chesterfield County sheriff’s deputy and a dispatcher who had joined him on Saturday, Nov. 14.