Our View

  • EDITORIAL: Co-Op rezoning deserves a yes vote

    More facts have come to light about a proposed new headquarters for Lynches River Electric Cooperative in Pageland. The evidence weighs heavily in favor of going forward.

  • Reformers need to respond

    The grassroots uprising that remade the Board of Trustees of the Lynches River Electric Cooperative on Saturday will be a good thing if it fulfills the promise of openness and accountability.

    In the worst anti-incumbent climate since the anti-Clinton wave of 1994, even an obscure body that runs a small rural electric provider has been reordered.

  • Firefighters deserve thanks

    Anyone who watched the fire prevention demonstrations last week by Chesterfield County’s volunteer fire departments could not help but be impressed.

    At Jefferson Elementary School, firefighters from Sand Hill VFD filled the hallways with smoke shortly after 8 a.m., setting off a mostly orderly evacuation. Some children and teachers had to climb out windows as the faux fire blazed outside their classrooms, and one class had to be rescued from a courtyard.