Today's Opinions

  • Road rage? How about road apathy?

    Common sense isn’t as “common” as people like to think. If it were, we wouldn’t need things like a certain “anti-texting” bill being proposed in North Carolina.

    The bill would make it illegal for drivers in North Carolina from writing text messages and e-mails. So far, the bill has received little —if any – opposition.

  • Pride and Prejudice: A sad tale of American values

    Contrary to conventional GOP wisdom, the Right is not always right. Or righteous. In a couple of cases recently, these folks aren’t even in the values-that-matter ballpark. Or in the spiritual one, either.

  • There are bigger issues at hand than the mere thrill of personal scandal

    Got a drug court defendant who knows how to do roof repair?

    Ask this question to anybody working in or around the judicial system and watch them wince.

    Unfortunately, there’s a grain of truth to the (poor?) joke, as federal agents investigate employees of the Fourth Circuit Solicitor’s Office for allegations of misappropriation of money and labor abuse of drug court defendants.

  • He isn’t Pro-Life when his solution is a loaded gun ee

    …and he isn’t Christian, either. Christians don’t take their guns to church. And they sure, Lord, don’t commit murder in the House of God.But when Kansan radical-conservative Scott Roeder traded in his U.S. government-hatin’, “I ain’t paying no taxes, buster!” separatist Freemen bona fides for a turn around the anti-choice track, this bad, mad boy did more than take his gun to town. He took it into Reformation Lutheran Church in Wichita and murdered Dr. George Tiller in cold blood. Why? Because Roeder is pro-life, dadgum it!

  • County’s ‘Paypal option’ will save us time, money

    A few weeks back I mentioned paying my county car taxes online using my Paypal account.

    It had been a while since I set foot inside the courthouse, and mentioned that I wasn’t sure if the county had started accepting credit card payments.

    I later received a letter from Kathy Sheeler, the county treasurer, informing me that the treasurer’s office has been accepting credit card payments for about a year.

  • Liberty: Freedom’s Just Another Word for Nothin’ Left to Lose

    There’s an uproar in Lynchburg. Liberty University Veep Mark Hine has revoked approval for the college’s Young Democrats Club. In a letter to LYD president Bryan Diaz, Hines states the club’s status was dropped because it has “supported candidates whose views were contrary to the mission of Liberty University and to Christian Doctrine.”

  • Anyone want to see a picture of a dead body?

    “---.com provided the embedded image above. Were we wrong in doing so?”

    Those were the words branded blue by an online link which took readers to a photo of actor David Carradine’s lifeless body hanging inside a closet.

    It’s an interesting question, isn’t it? “Were we wrong to do so?” You expect this kind of disclaimer from a child, and it’s usually followed by a lie.

    “Were we wrong to do so?” Yeah, you were. And it’s pretty clear you know it.

  • Now is the time to make S.C. better place to live

    Up to now, I have been publicly silent on the issue of the federal stimulus funds and their impact on our state. It was my opinion that it was not the state treasurer’s place to interfere on a matter that the U.S. Congress has placed in the hands of the governor.

    However, with all the indecision that now exists, coupled with what seems to be a lack of leadership on whether or not to take a portion of the stimulus money, as the state’s chief financial officer I would be remiss if I did not now offer my opinion.