• On last week, my article tackled the subject of pastors around the country marrying same-sex couples.


     I went around the community and asked pastors, deacons and parishioners how they felt about this – now that the law has passed that same-sex couples can be legally married in South Carolina.





    Guest column

    I am sure that everyone has seen what’s going on in Baltimore. A lot of times when I turn on the television to watch morning news, there’s a killing of some black man by police. 

    I have noticed that all over the nation people are standing up for their rights, for their beliefs. In some cases, it gets so bad it becomes a riot.

  • Ahhh, welcome spring – my favorite time of year.
    It is as if the earth comes back alive. Colors of nature transform before our very eyes from browns to vivid greens and yellows.
    Bees suddenly appear buzzing throughout cherry blossoms. Bradford pear trees are striking with their seemingly snow-laden branches. And grass begins its ritual of upward mobility.
    Children’s laughter fill playgrounds. Music blasts from open car windows. Flip flops replace boots. Shorts replace sweaters.

  •  I will go into the new year without all of me.

    I’ve got my eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Got my arms and legs and even both feet.

    What will be missing won’t be visible to the naked eye – at least not anymore.

    My body will be less one gland – my thyroid.

    I’ve been dodging the bullet for the past three years when a lump in my neck started to surface. It was small then and not causing any trouble.

  •  As 2014 quickly comes to an end, we are looking forward to the holidays with great anticipation. We are planning what we are going to eat, gifts to buy and functions we are going to attend.  


    Guest column

    “We will not hide them from their children, but tell to the coming generationthe glorious deeds of the LORD, and his might, and the wonders that he has done.” – Psalm 78:4, ESV.

    In the wake of the Dec. 12, 2012, Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy in Newtown, Conn., a group of pastors in Chesterfield County began to meet, pray, and seek the counsel of the almighty God.  


    Guest column

    As a career computer guy, I realize that I’m frequently the guy in the “I know a computer guy” conversations that surround people talking about how their computers don’t work.  

  •  Wouldn’t it be a miracle if the cat or dog that we left beside the road to starve, managed to survive, come back home and return the favor? Then again, what pet would be so dumb to come back to where it wasn’t wanted in the first place?


    If we the people can cover up millions of defective products, why can’t we the people go back and uncover how many accidents were actually caused by the defective product rather than blame the accidents on driver error?

     Speak Out guidelines

  •  The opinions expressed in “Speak Out” are strictly those of the callers and not the Progressive Journal.


    I would just like to speak out and say it’s very disappointing to know that 71 percent of registered voters of Chesterfield county did not come out to vote. 


  •  The comments expressed in “Speak Out” are strictly those of the callers and not the Progressive Journal.


    Just want to say congratulations to the Central High School Class of 2014. I went to my granddaughter’s graduation; got soaked along with everyone else. I guess the powers that be have never heard that old expression, “He doesn’t have sense enough to come in out of the rain.” 


  • The opinions expressed in Speak Out are strictly those of the callers and not the Progressive Journal.

    Well, I just wanted to speak out about Sam Parker filing for sheriff. I think he’s an idiot if he thinks anybody’s gonna vote him back in. I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s gonna have something really negative to say about it.

    Yes, I think Mr. Parker is entitled to a mistake and he should be forgiven, but not back out in the public because how can you trust a man of that type.

  • “Start Where You Are” is a book by Chris Gardner (Pursuit of Happyness) that shares life lessons on how to get from where you are to where you want to be.
     We love the title. Because no matter where you find yourself in life, you can pull yourself up by the bootstraps and begin again.
    That was the purpose of our newspaper community assessment survey. We wanted to know where we stood with you; how you felt about us. We wanted to take inventory so we would know how to improve.

  • The opinions expressed in Speak Out are strictly those of the callers and not the Pageland Progressive Journal.
    Yes, I'm calling to voice my opinion. On a recent trip to Hartsville, I noticed in that in that end of the county that our former sheriff Sam Parker has campaign signs up.
    I can't believe it after all the controversy of him in office . I understand he hasn't been to court yet, but I can't believe he expects the people to trust him again and re-elect him. I guess a good thing you want it back. Just wanted to voice my opinion.

  • After two long days and one late night of debate, the House (last) week overwhelmingly approved a $24 billion budget plan for state agencies and programs for Fiscal Year 2014-2015, beginning in July.
    Out of 111 amendments offered by House members, 49 were adopted. Most of the adopted amendments were minor, meaning the House largely left intact the budget that was developed and approved by the Ways and Means Committee last month.

  • I was talking with a close friend the other day who told me his 93-year-old mother said she was tired of living. She was ready to go to Heaven.
    That revelation stung my emotions at first. Although up in age, she is fairly healthy, has a good appetite and can pretty much take care of herself. So why rush the transition?
    She lost her husband a few years ago so I imagine it is loneliness feeding this desire to exit life as she knows it.

  •  South Carolina legislators returned to Columbia on January 14 for the start of the second half of the  120th  legislative session.  We immediately faced a full legislative plate, resulting from the multitude of bills pre-filed before the start of the session and many bills carried over from last year.  

    The second year of a two-year session tends to be more productive, since bills are rolled over from  the first year, and we don’t have to start from scratch in the legislative process.

  • I’ve heard several comments around town that the speak out column has been pulled out of the paper, because someone said something about someone and they didn’t like it. I sure hope this is not the case. I’ve never read nobody’s name in speakout that could offend anyone personally, but if something did offend you then it’s like the old saying goes – if the shoe fits, wear it. I sure hope y’all put it back in the paper because I enjoy reading other people’s opinions. Thank you!