• To the editor:

    Our Mother, Pearl Sowell Arant, used to tell us how she and her friends would  walk to school and observe the house being built at 501 W. McGregor Street.  

    She knew John Armstrong Arant was having the house built for himself. The   bricks were all hand-scratched which was something done to provide jobs as it was being built during The Great Depression. The house also was constructed with walls that were two bricks thick to provide an unusually solid structure.

  • “The advantage of a bad memory is that we can enjoy several times the same good things for the first time.”

    “It’s sad when the intersection of Number 9 and 151 are so bad the big trucks force the little ones over to the holes to fall in and make it more dangerous for them. Fixing it is only two or three years behind. Maybe it will get done by the end of this decade.”

  • I’m really glad my last couple of columns here have been on happy subjects, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Because the news is not always good and this, my firends, is one of those times.
    A crazed gunman goes into a Conneticut elementary school and murders 26 young children, this after killing his own mother at home, a woman who was a teacher at that school.

  • “I’d like to tell everyone they ought to go in downtown Pageland during the evening and see the lights and decorations. They really look nice so go take a look at them. Thank you.”

    “I hate it that Terry Lowery got killed, but I thought the Pageland Journal did a real nice story and pictures about it. He was really a good guy and you made sure that was part of the story.”

  • “I’m calling to reply to and agree with the person that called in last week and said we all should pray instead of just complain and talk about other people. They’re right, but in their call they were complaining and talking about other people, too. I guess like most folks, it’s OK just when you do it but not OK for anybody else. Hypocrite.”

  • “If Mitt Romney knows how to get the economy back on track, why doesn’t he tell Congress and Obama? If President Obama knows how to get the economy rolling again, why doesn’t Obama do it now? Why wait? If either candidate running for president, really wants to help the voters now, then make the oil companies drop the price of gas at the pump, just as fast and just as often as when the price goes up. That will help all of us.”

  • “I’m calling about the guy that wrote in your Speak Out on October 23 about kudos to the band that played at New Heights’ game last Wednesday. The band did not play. I worked the sidelines and the band did not play. I don’t know what game you were at. Thank you.”

    Note: Calls come into Speak Out for several days before the date they are printed in the paper. The caller may have been talking about an earlier game than the one you refer to.

  • “People receive government assistance to help you pay for a babysitter while you’re at work. Just in case you didn’t know, that’s some friendly information from me to you. Oh, yeah, you’re welcome. One more thing. To the lady who is not able to eat steak whenever she wants, perhaps you should find a friend who gets EBT and see if she’ll let you get something off her card. Thanks. Talk to ya’ll next week.”

  • The opinions expressed in “Speak Out” are strictly those of the callers and not of The Progressive Journal.